Saturday, May 28, 2011

If they offered you a cigarette...

Smoking Sirens
seductive as smoke
when the candle lights the cigarette
If they offered you one,
would you turn them down?

It is up to YOU to remain Smoke Free...
not so easy, is it?

Friday, May 27, 2011

I have this intense craving....

I feel the need to gnaw 
on wood, to splinter it
with my teeth. I think 
I picked this up from 
my dog...

It is the transferral of 
smoker's oral fixation.

Like all behavioral
realignments, this too
shall pass...but you 
may never look at 
a doorjamb the 
same way again...

Take deep breath...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Somewhere RJ Reynolds was laughing til he wet his pants....

Print and television ads back
then suggest that Hollywood
was completely under the spell
of the Tobacco Industry...
Visit our
Advertising At Its Scariest
FB link to decide for yourself...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adding Up The Costs...

There's enough money in this to have 
a down payment for a house...

Romancing The Smoke: What They Wouldn't Do...

Ronald Reagan told us us  to give
Chesterfields for the Holidays!

Romancing The Smoke tells the story 
of how America got so bamboozled
into smoking in the mid part of last
century, it's a wonder anybody could
ever quit. Myself included...
This guy sold them to me
when I was a little kid. 
Didn't even card me.
The Psychology of Smoking. 
Have I got a story for you...

This blog, Romancing the Smoke,
draws from my new book,
Romancing The Smoke: 
Confessions of a Nicotine Addict. 
I'll be posting excerpts & thoughts 
about the most absurd & dangerous
habit in the world-- tobacco.
Took out most of my family.

I got away after 35 years and lived to tell about it. 
Here's the story. It's probably alot like yours.
This blog gives you great reasons why...