Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

This New Year's, someone you know is going to try to quit smoking...

This New Year's, someone you know is going to 
try to quit smoking... encourage them by guiding 
them to their very own FREE Kindle copy of 
Romancing The Smoke. On New Year's Eve and 
New Year's Day, this ebook is our gift to anyone 
who wants to read it. Just follow the link in this post.
Warning: After a smoker reads this, it won't be 
as tough to break the habit...so get ready...

TWO DAYS ONLY! 12/31/13-1/1/14 FREE Kindle version of Romancing The Smoke!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Back in the day, Chesterfields knew what was best for you...

Chesterfields encouraged THIS 
New Year's Resolution in 1939...

Get Off Your Butt to Stand Up for a Smoke Free World...

It's astonishing to see how too many folks don't want 
to make waves or speak out about this whole smoking/
anti-smoking thing.  Ex-smokers help those still 
struggling with the addiction by standing up for a 
smoke free world.  It's great to see that the RTS motto 
"Because Smoke Free Is The Way To Be!" has been 
adopted by major state anti-smoking coalitions. 
Hooray for that!

We encourage people to get off their Butts. 

That's what Romancing The Smoke is about. 
This blog brings you up to date with the rules, 
regulations, trends and storylines that follow 
the darkly hysterical world of Nicotine and 
Big Tobacco. Follow us long enough, you're 
bound to breathe easier...Happy New Year!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Seven ways e-cigarettes are following Big Tobacco's advertising playbook

Reposting a post by our friends at Tobacco Free 
Kids... from Tobacco Unfiltered... what RTS has 
been saying all along about how Big Tobacco is 
planning on getting back all the "smokers" it's been 
losing to education by combining old time advertising 
with high tech gadgetry... rebels without a clue...
Seven ways E-cigarettes are taking cues from old time Big Tobacco advertising

Thursday, December 19, 2013

NYC expands smoking ban to include e-cigarettes

I guess you can't fight City Hall...
New York bans the public use of e-cigarettes. 
Article for ABC by Jake Pearson
ABC News: New York to expand public smoking ban to e-cigarettes

CBS: NYC Council to vote on e-cigarette smoking ban...drum roll please....

Gotta hand it to Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He's one of 
the most action oriented mayors any American city 
has ever had. He's heading out of City Hall getting 
stuff done and making New York healthier, in spite 
of itself. Ain't no lame duck there...as the Who said, 
"We're not going to take it..." Stay tuned...
CBS: NYC Council to vote on e-cigarette smoking ban...

There's still time to get your loved one the gift of a smoke free life for Christmas...

Because there's a book that actually tells what it's 
like to live enveloped in tobacco smoke and still get 
free to live in the realm of fresh air FOREVER!
Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict- John Aaron on Amazon

Saturday, December 14, 2013

NY Times: Big Tobacco's Strategy Limits Poorer Nations' Smoking Laws

This article by Sabrina Tavernise points out how 
Big Tobacco is trying to intimidate poorer nations
about their rising anti-smoking stances, since the 
Industry realizes it can no longer bully America 
and other more enlightened countries about nicotine 
addiction. We have reported on this issue before; 
and this article points out how Big Tobacco uses 
its sleazy leverage to keep a stranglehold on less
educated and informed populations...
NY Times: Tobacco Firms’ Strategy Limits Poorer Nations’ Smoking Laws 

Because so many things everyone says will help people quit smoking just don't...

We're pinned down by advertising on both sides....
One talked me into it; the other said it knows a 
dozen ways to quit. Nothing has been found to be 
a sure-fire cure...except for sheer will power. What 
if listening to someone who's been through the grip   
of nicotine addiction and a smoke-filled life who 
somehow made it through to the other side, smiling 
and still breathing- what if that is what people need- 
the quintessential no nicotine pep talk that lets them 
know they're not alone. It IS hard. It is absurd; and...
it CAN be done. I know. I did. I smoked 219,000 
cigarettes...and still got out of it alive. Hell, I almost 
died. I understand.  That's why you're NOT alone.

I guarantee I'll make you laugh in the midst of your
anguish. Laughter, breathing and words are the basis
of this treatment. As we share stories, you'll see how 
absurd the habit is. You'll become eager to be smoke 
free. You're going to write your way to fresh air. All 
you need is to totally believe in your efforts for 30 
days. I can show you that you don't need an e cig, 
a patch, gum or to be put into a coma or a padded 
cell to quit.  And you sure as hell don't need any 
more nicotine. All you need is the proper frame of 
mind. This is your script. You're going to write yourself 
out of this habit. This is a movie with a happy ending. 
Because once you've quit smoking, nothing tastes 
better than fresh air.

Romancing The Smoke's Give It Up Program helped 
me breathe easier.  It will help you too; because you're 
no different than me. Read the book. Now breathe...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

...because you're probably hoping someone you know will quit for Holidays...

...because you're probably hoping someone you 
know will quit for the Holidays...maybe what your 
loved one needs is to read about someone who 
intimately knows what they're going through and 
has stories they can relate to in their struggle. Since 
quitting smoking is so serious, it needs some comedy 
relief- so try the new and improved, unfiltered version 
of my illustrated memoir, Paperback and Kindle...
a well suited Holiday gift for your smoking friends.....
Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict on Amazon

Metro: Boggling Fact- 600 kids take up smoking daily in the U.K.

This incredibly disturbing fact about youthful
tobacco use in the United Kingdom is brought 
to you by Metro's Nicole Le Marie...
photo: Mark Keenan
Metro: Almost 600 children take up smoking daily in the U.K.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why are terminally ill the prominent visual for quitting smoking?

I'm trying to figure out why someone who is terminal 
or disfigured by smoking related illness is a more 
convincing spokesperson for the cause than one who 
got free and now lives a healthy lifestyle. Scare tactics  
are not uplifting: Who believes that it really works?
"With my dying breath....? Really? Really?
Frankly, watching my Uncle Jack and Sister Chambier
in their hospital rooms deteriorate from cancer did not
make me want to smoke less- so worried and scared, 
I couldn't help but puff like an industrial smokestack.

"Free and Clear" should be the focus of role model.

Imagine a world without tobacco smoke...

This makes me want to breathe in the whole scene.

If you are wanting to quit, trying imagining yourself 
here for three minutes. Just let yourself be. Breathe 
the fresh air. Hear the waves. Feel the calm. 
Breathe. Take this time to be at peace.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Plain Packaging is having little or no effect on smoking rates in Australia

A hopeful aversion process, Plain Packaging with 
larger warnings, first instigated in Australia, is not 
proving to have enough of an impact to expand it 
to other countries. It has succeeded only in increasing 
the illegal cigarette trade while not decreasing the 
13% adult smoking rate. This is the first time since 
2009, the percentage has not decreased. This leaves 
the U.K., that was considering ruling in favor of 
Plain Packaging, unsure of its next move. This article
in the Express was written by Kirsty Buchanan.
Express: Plain packet effect goes up in smoke as Australian research reveals no fall in smoking

It's clear it's nearer if you don't stop....

It's clear it's near...

NY Times: Bill would restrict e-cigarettes in NY

Our friends at NYC Coalition for a Smoke Free City
brought this article to our attention.  NY City Council 
meeting on Wed., 12/4, 10 a.m. will discuss imposing 
restrictions on e-cigarettes. As Dylan said, "there's a 
battle outside and it's raging..." 
Watch this blog later this week for news about the
council meeting...
NY Times: Bill would restrict electronic cigarettes in New York

Yahoo: London conference says e-cigarettes will save millions of lives...

From the other side of the opinion which I do not 
agree with, but, in fairness, feel compelled to give 
voice to... an Article by Robin Millard for Yahoo...
Yahoo: London Conference says e-cigarettes will save millions of lives