Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our gift to the world for WHO No Tobacco Day Friday, May 31

Romancing The Smoke wants everyone 
to quit for WHO World No Tobacco Day
please download the Kindle version of 
Romancing The Smoke FREE for yourself 
or a loved one. It's the book that has people 
snickering their way to smoke free...

Your FREE Kindle version of Romancing The Smoke May 31

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A post from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids...thanks!

The best anti-smoking tagline...out of Australia
great article!
Cigarette: The Killer That Travels in Packs

What they're saying on Amazon about Romancing The Smoke....

 A Book to Give to a Beloved Smoker in Your Life May 11, 2013
Romancing the Smoke is wonderful--even (especially?) for a nonsmoker. Besides being enthralled and entertained, I now have a much better understanding of this most formidable of all addictions. This book makes a loving gift for those who "can stop any time"--but haven't.
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 The gory details of quitting, with lots of humor! April 25, 2013
John Aaron has put together the pain and misery of getting off nicotine in a funny and delightful book. I already had more than "60 days clean" when I downloaded the e-book, but it was worth the read. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to be smoke-free.
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 Authentic and Honest Portrait of Nicotine Addiction January 7, 2013
This is a fantastic book that faces the denial of addiction head on. John Aaron recounts the history of tobacco use in America with insight and great copies of advertising past. This marketing past is the platform for John's own tobacco use history, and he documents his own use and ultimate un-use, with wonderful paintings of his own.

Although there is great change, nicotine addiction has remained a somewhat socially acceptable behaviour, being downplayed especially if the user is facing other addictions. Although John is able to quit cold turkey on his own, this is not the case for most hardcore nicotine addicts. Many people are now accepting that nicotine addiction qualifies for drug rehab. All serious and quality drug rehabs today address nicotine as a lethal substance to be dealt with on the same page as all other addictive substances and behaviors. Nicotine Anonymous works for many where nothing else has.

John has provided a very valuable addition to first person nicotine addiction literature. By John sharing his experience, strength and hope with others, he will hopefully continue to keep himself an un-smoker. Thank you Mr Aaron, for your contribution to facing nicotine addiction head on. An honest, gritty and painful piece that is entertaining and informative. One day at a time, congratulations.

Jane DerryShow Less
 Very readable account of one man's struggle January 1, 2013
Very illuminating about the early history of advertising by big tobacco. Great personal memoir, with some potentially useful pathways for those desiring to quit smoking towards the end of the book.
 A must read! November 30, 2012
Although I have never smoked a day in my life...I was absolutely addicted to this book! What a great read. I couldn't put it down and read it all in one sitting. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone!
 Witty and Helpful November 28, 2012
Aaron's book is an enjoyable read that will definitely make you want to quit your nasty habbit! I loved the illustrations and the use of old time ads!
 Fantastic read - whether you smoke or not! November 7, 2012
I don't smoke. I never have. Nonetheless, this captivated me from beginning to end. Like life - and particularly, the life of a nicotine addict - this book is alternately hilarious, tragic, touching, fascinating, heroic, frustrating, and beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, the illustrations are sumptuous, entertaining, and amazing, supporting the text beautifully. A high quality book, this definitely gets my recommendation.Show Less
 Great Read November 5, 2012
The author's memoir tells a poignant story about his addition to nicotine and the journey he made out of Nicotine Canyon. It benefits greatly from the fifty-plus illustrations and photos, all in full color. His combination of humor, art work and easy-to-read writing style make this book an important read for smokers and non-smokers alike.
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 Romancing the Air August 17, 2012
From what I have read I am very proud of the author, for it is through art he has escaped 40 years of smoke. I am proud of his wonderful feat to recover his lung capacity and breathe again. May all smokers find a pathway to express themselves that allows them to unlock this stronghold on their hearts before they cannot beat. The art work, the humor, the sad reality is all there as you turn the pages. John has shared apart himself to help others guide through Nicotine Canyon. Step up one and all and be alive, reach that goal, jump on that wagon. You too can relish the feeling of air sifting into your body and knowing you have done something important.

The choice is yours....a good read no doubt.
Breathe healthy, live happy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Domestic Cigarette Smuggling is Big Money...

The New York Times reported that last week,
the New York Police Dept. busted a smuggling 
ring that was bringing cigarettes from Virginia 
to sell them in New York where profit margins
made the practice more lucrative than selling drugs.
The NYPD Intelligence unit uncovered the ring
while investigating suspects for possible counter-
terrorist activities. They were making millions.
16 accused of smuggling cigarettes worth millions into New York

Monday, May 20, 2013

1000 days smoke free...

...but who's counting...?
Please join me in a smoke free day today...
even if only for one day.....
Portrait a month after quitting

Sunday, May 19, 2013

According to the Wall Street Journal....

... 69% of adult smokers said they wanted to 
quit smoking in 2010. Nearly 50% attempted 
to do so...only 6.2% succeeded. I am lucky to 
have gotten out of this alive... please join me 
to NOT SMOKE tomorrow, May 20th.

If everyone quits, what a breath of fresh air that 
would be!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

998 days and counting. Please join me in making May 20th a No Smoking Day worldwide

On Monday, May 20th, 2013, I will have been 
smoke free for 1000 days. Please encourage all 
smokers that you know to refrain from smoking 
on that day, if just for one day.

Thank you for joining me in helping the world 
be smoke free. Breathe that fresh air!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Smoking ban in Wales upheld: crews on TV and film sets still not allowed to smoke

Link: Smoking ban in Wales upheld; TV and film industry will just have to deal with it...

BBC reports that Wales does not yield to pressure 
from the entertainment industry to allow smoking
on sets, despite veiled threats that the economy will 
suffer as  the TV and film industry seeks other 
locations that are more smoke friendly. The Welsh 
government stands by its policy that smoke free is 
the way to be. No matter how cool it looks....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This is me before I made the breakthrough....

It's been 994 days since I last had a cigarette.
I will celebrate one thousand days... please 
celebrate with me by not smoking that day...
May 20....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

In remembrance of all Mothers on this day;
and to my mom Mary Jane, whom I'm sure 
wished she had quit smoking long before 
she did. To her credit, she quit at a younger 
age than I; and, like me, she quit cold turkey.

She lived to be 78; smoke free for the last 
twenty-eight years of her life. Nice work, ma! 
Happy Mother's Day to you and all mothers
of the world. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

One drastic method to quit smoking....

This is amongst the most drastic methods of 
quitting smoking I've come across. This report 
from Yahoo comes out of Sacramento, CA.
The officer's nickname has become Nick O'Derm...

Woman slugs cop to go to jail where she can't smoke...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Transcendental Meditation helped me to quit smoking....

Transcendental Meditation helped me to quit smoking...

A combination of T.M. and self-hypnosis were the 
dual energy forces that helped me breathe a sigh of 
relief and become smoke and nicotine free after 
battling the addiction of forty years.  T.M. has kept 
me balanced and inwardly calm since I began the 
practice in 1968. It's crucial to disconnect from the 
habit 100 per cent. As long as one is connected to 
nicotine in any way, the danger of returning to the 
full blown habit will always exist. No excuses.
Refuse to use...Break these habits...NOW!

A thousand words...

This guy doesn't smoke anymore....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Opinion that Pharmacies and Tobacco don't mix...

If pharmacies promote health, then why do many of them sell cigarettes?
Dr. Marvin A. Chinitz offers his opinion 
in the New York Times...May 6, 2013 

UCLA is first UC campus to ban smoking...

UCLA is first UC campus to ban smoking...
check out the great cartoon in the link above
by Anibal Santos from USA Today College....
twitter post by Smoke Free North State

just used to be like this...


Monday, May 6, 2013

The "Inconvenience" of smoking...a story....

Ann Arbor 1979

Sometimes the simple act of buying cigarettes 
doesn’t go as planned.  I lived a block from a 
Stop n Go convenience store while I went to 
school in Ann Arbor. Near the corner of Packard 
and Stadium, it wasn’t far from Michigan Stadium 
and it was the beginning of the outskirts of town. 
A smoker then, it was where I picked up my 
cigarettes. Pack a day.

This was part of the 
ritual with Rennie 
the Labrador, who 
followed me 
I was never able 
to teach him to run 
this errand on his own; 
he never brought back 
the change. Sometimes 
he'd wait, or he'd take 
off- home or elsewhere.

Saturday night. 
Out of smokes.  A moment later we were at 
the store.  The dog spun around and left when 
I went in.  As I said hi to the clerk, a commotion 
erupted near the back  beer cooler. Some guy was 
rolling around on the floor when shots rang out 
from outside. The clerk yelled, “38!” hit the lock 
on the door and dove behind the counter.

I was hiding from a gunman behind a wall of 
chocolate. Was the last thing that I would ever see 
be a Snickers bar? We  breathed once we saw red 
and blue lights roll towards the store. When the 
officers got to the door, the clerk tossed me the keys. 
As I opened it, they grabbed me, shoving me up 
against the counter, hands behind my back.

“Wait!!! He’s not the guy! In the back! Shots i
the parking lot.”

Cops let go, kind of dusting me off as they went. 
They got the guy, things settled down, and all 
was sort of clear.  Buying a pack would never 
be the same. Convenience stores can be 
hazardous to your health.

You’ve just been shot at by the bad 
guys and roughed up by the cops! 
Welcome to Marlboro Country!

As I walked back, I remembered what Sir
Winston Churchill said about his experience 
in WWI-

Nothing is quite so exhilarating as to be shot at 
to no effect. 

The dog was waiting on the porch.

I thought I'd NEVER be able to quit...

Sometimes it felt like I'd never be able to quit...
but I did...take heart-the end (of smoking) is near...
You are now in a SMOKE FREE ZONE

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Concerning negative graphic advertising as the only way to smoke free...redux...

Recent ads created for the anti-smoking campaign 
feature people with terminal health issues caused 
by their addiction to nicotine and cigarettes. This 
strategy embraces fear as the only tactic to affect 
change. This was tried in the 80s when the actor 
Yul Brunner made the PSA about his lung cancer. 
Scare tactics don’t have long-term impact. 
Intimidating people with visions of carcinogenic 
horror only works short term. People block images 
they don't want to remember. Who decided that 
fear works?

Why is there no focus on the positive aspects of 
being smoke free? Why hasn't this approach 
been tried? Why, when people get free from this 
addiction and come through it in a healthier state, 
is this NOT news? Why is the promo ONLY about 
cancer, strokes and heart attacks and the 
"it's too late for me" syndrome... these ads show 
only grey smoke, never blue skies...

I stopped three years ago after a three decade 
habit, and regained most of my lung capacity, 
my sense of smell, and have saved $9,000. 
My friends say I look healthier, smell better and 
stopped the constant coughing. Their unwaver-
ing encouragement is what worked for me. 
Anti-smoking advertising should focus at least 
some of their campaign on the personal success 
of those who get smoke free. This alternative 
approach would certainly be a breath of fresh air.

It's time that good kicked the ass of the bad 
and the ugly...

I believe this now more than ever. Do you?

Facts are creepy when they're coming from the Tobacco are some...

As mentioned in the previous post, the whole point 
of cigarette advertising was to hook people as early 
as possible so they could not escape the habit. These 
facts, brought to you by TobaccoFreeCA, are just the 
tip of the iceberg in the insidious behavior the Industry
considers normal and necessary practice. Thankfully,
on California's behalf, the state is now ranked 49th out 
of 50 in per capita adult tobacco consumers in the US.

Facts about the Tobacco Industry from TobaccoFreeCa

Saturday, May 4, 2013

How Marlboro's early 50s ad campaign went for the throat of the American smoker...

Marlboro's ad campaign of the early 50s used actual 
photos of infants discussing the pros of smoking with 
their parents. It was the first time actual photos were 
used instead of painted or drawn imagery. Marlboro 
endorsed the habit as a natural extension of the 
"good life". Absurd as it was, it shot Marlboro straight 
to the top of the popularity chain, making Marlboro 
the best selling cigarette. 
Sixty years later, Marlboro still is.