Saturday, September 28, 2013

Child Labour factor in Tobacco cultivation

More than 3000 tonnes of tobacco is being 
imported into Australia every year by 
countries cultivating it in violation of child 
labour laws. This is common in Malawi, 
Thailand and the Philippines.  Seven day 
work weeks forunderage labourers is normal;
and the constant handling of the product puts 
them at serious risk for nicotine poisoning. 
Thank you to ASH Australia for digging this up.
Link to article by Jill Stark below...

Sydney Morning Herald: Smokers hazy on use of child labour

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cambridge Housing Authority bans smoking in its buildings

Cambridge joins its neighbor, Boston, 
(the largest city in the US to do so) in 
banning smoking in public housing, 
beginning in 2014. This is not going 
over well with elderly smokers...
article by Brock Parker for
Cambridge Housing Authority bans smoking in its buildings

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

President Obama quit smoking because....

The President doesn't seem afraid of too much, 
but when it comes to smoking, he admits that he'd 
rather be smoke free than tangle with First Lady 
Michelle about cigarettes...thanks for that one, 
First Lady! This USA Today article tells the story-
USA Today: Obama: "I quit smoking because of my wife..."

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A timely article: Time Magazine: The Future of Smoking

This article by Eliza Gray for Time
offers an acute observation of both
sides of the e-cigarette controversy.
Now on newsstands or subscribe
online to read the rest of the story...
photo: Therese Joel for Time
Time Magazine: The Future of Smoking

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rutger's Tobacco Dependence Program offers world class encouragement on quitting

Rutger University's Tobacco Dependence Program 
has been helping people deal with nicotine addiction 
since 1991 and is one of the most comprehensive
and successful tobacco cessation programs in the 
nation. If you are trying to quit smoking, this is 
definitely worth looking into. Please share this with 
your friends on the east coast.
Article by Vaishali Gauba
Daily Targum: Tobacco dependence program suggests smoking cessation

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A great website to explain to kids why they shouldn't smoke...

This is a great site to share with your children 
about smoking, drugs, alcohol and other issues
endemic to growing up. It shares the facts 
without the stern parental lecture thing. This 
might be a big help for moms and dads everywhere...

A pack of cigarettes costs $200 in NY jails...

Not only do you not to want to find yourself there- 
but you don't want to smoke in NY jails, and for 
sure don't want to run out of smokes while you're 
there. The black market charges $200 a pack...
besides how long would a person hold onto 
200 bucks cash in the slammer? Clearly not long,
whether they smoke or not...article by Arden Dier
Newser: A pack of smokes in NY jails goes for $200

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NBC: Manchester NH wants to make it REALLY hard to smoke in public...

Todd Piro reports that Manchester may make it 
REALLY hard for s smoker to smoke anywhere...
NBC: Manchester NH Could Ban Smoking in Public Places

CDC proclaims "Tips from former smokers" campaign a success

The DCD says that 100,000 smokers will likely remain 
quit as a result of their graphic anti-smoking campaign, 
"Tips from former smokers" that aired in mid 2012.
CDC proclaims "Tips from former smokers" campaign a success

DFP: Health Law Smoking Penalties Could Hit Poor The Hardest

Kelly Kennedy of USA Today writes for the 
Detroit Free Press that the health care laws
will hit those who can least afford services that 
stem from smoking related illnesses. Poor smokers
are in trouble as their habit will cost them more in 
terms of health care should states  choose to enact
the new smoking rule. This rule is the source of 
tremendous controversy.
Detroit Free Press: Health Law Smoking Penalties Could Hit Poor The Hardest

Friday, September 6, 2013

USA Today: Royal Caribbean bans smoking on their cruise ship balconies

About the only place to smoke on a ship nowadays 
is where Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet hung 
on for dear life as the Titanic was going down....
USA Today: Royal Caribbean cruise smoking ban

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NDTV: Rahul Dravid, former India Cricket Team captain, bats for anti-tobacco campaign

The Union Health Ministry named former India Cricket 
team captain Rahul Dravid as brand ambassador for 
its National Tobacco Control Campaign. It would be 
nice to see more American and European athletes use 
their influence to support the smoke free lifestyle.
After all, they hold sway over the age group that the 
tobacco companies play to...
Rahul Dravid, former India Cricket Team captain, bats for anti-tobacco campaign

The Lund Report: For the convenience of the tobacco companies....

I had a conversation yesterday with Mary at Tecolote 
Books in Montecito who said she thought that high 
schools should be seeking out those who can speak 
knowledgeably about the problems of smoking and 
nicotine addiction to encourage students to follow 
a smoke free lifestyle.  Kids don't want to listen to 
doctors or authority figures telling them what they 
shouldn't do. A humorous no nonsense talk from 
someone who smoked that can relate to their youthful 
smoking experiences kids will learn that other kids 
don't think it's that hip anymore. Especially when it 
to comes kissing an ashtray. 
Lund Report article by Rick North
The Lund Report: For the convenience of the tobacco companies

Huffington Post: 9 terribly disturbing things about e-cigarettes

Thank you Huffington Post for pointing out the things 
the  e-cig industry so doesn't want the public to know...
Huffington Post: 9 terribly disturbing things about electronic cigarettes

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Russian Casino mascot is sent to rehab for smoking and alcohol addiction

The kicker is that he's a chimpanzee.... the mascot 
of a casino called SPACE-wonder if he had a 
gambling addiction as well...and...his name is....
John....not even Ivan? Really? (article: Steve Nolan) Smoking chimp sent to rehab for nicotine/alcohol addiction after career as Russian casino mascot

Youtube Flashmob- Brasil: #limitetabaco

In Brasil, an antismoking flashmob
mobilizes support for regulating 
additives in cigarettes... courtesy the World
Lung Foundation @worldlungfdn
YouTube: Flashmob Brasil: @limitetabaco

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I always thought they were smarter than that....

Romancing The Smoke is offering radio and television interviews...

Romancing The Smoke is offering radio 
and television interviews to discuss all aspects
of the world of tobacco, quitting and what the 
future holds for both smokers and non smokers.

There is a way for all to peacefully co-exist...
Let the dialog begin...

or @romancethesmoke for more information

Dr. Siegel: Electronic cigarettes commentators fail to reveal conflict of interest

Dr. Siegel's piece about the Room For Debate
he was a part of in Wednesday's New York Times
points out one of the glaring problems with the 
"anti-smoking" camp. Although there is no 
"one way" to quit smoking,  numerous advocates
not only promote one particular way of quitting, 
but also (quietly) gain financially from their 
considered opinions. They're like Nick Naylor, only 
on the other side. Some of the partnerships that are 
being forged are looking too much like alliances 
created using Big Tobacco's covert actions as a 
blueprint. Nicotine is nicotine. More than a few verbal 
"pro-vapers" are making a timely living off of e-cigs. 
Because e-cigs will sidle to anyone who will listen.

Dr. Michael, thanks for the heads up.

Post from 8/23/13
Tobacco analysis: Electronic cigarettes commentator fails to reveal conflict of interest

Bikyanews: Malaysia gets praise for efforts to get rid of tobacco....

Malaysia is doing its best to continue 
upon an enlightened path to smoke free...
this is no easy feat in an area of the world 
where the population is often encouraged 
to start smoking while very young...
article by Alisha Hassan
Bikyanews: Malaysia gets praise for attempt to get rid of tobacco