Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jamaica: No mon, you can't smoke here....

According to USA Today, as of July 15, 
it will be illegal to smoke in public in 
Jamaica...I guess that goes for everything...

Jamaica bans smoking in public...

Someone please explain this to cigarettes...?

The cigarettes the FDA allowed are 
Lorillard Tobacco Co. products- 
Newport Non-Menthol Gold Box 100s 
and Newport Non-Menthol Gold Box

The cigarette you can smoke in the pool!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Learning the hard way...Fire Bad...

When I was about nine, I torched my hand by igniting
a Zippo lighter too close to an open can of lighter fluid. 
Yes, I had an adult Zippo lighter that had all sorts of 
little components to it, the flint, the spring, the spark 
wheel, etc. Not a toy for children. My grandfather still 
gave it to me for Christmas. After all, every would be 
smoker had a lighter...

Those were the days when extremely dangerous
"toys" like rifles, bows and arrows and explosive 
chemicals could be gotten without parental signatures 
and be played with without adult supervision-
the good old days... I hid my burned up hand from 
my folks, who never knew I scorched myself like 
Peter Boyle's character in Young Frankenstein...
when I was young....

An Affirmation to Quit Smoking in six languages...

These are also the languages the book is going 
to be translated into as part of our Indiegogo 
crowd funding project... don't forget to breathe!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Number of smokers increases after major catastrophes...

When we are collectively stressed, the tendency 
to smoke or return to smoking increases. This
article from The Atlantic explains the behavior...

A million people returned to smoking after 9/11...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camel Cigarettes are One Hundred Years Old?

Really? That's funny, none of their fans ever 
lived to celebrate their own centennials...
I first saw Joe Camel on a giant billboard 
in Paris in 1976...he's still a creepy bastard....

Friday, June 14, 2013

Give your Father a breath of fresh air...

To honor Father's Day, we are offering the 
Kindle version of Romancing The Smoke Free
all day Sunday, June 16. I know I would have 
given a copy to my dad if I could have. Here's 
your chance to give back to him for all he's done 
for you. If he smokes, here's a book that may 
help him get smoke free. Here's to a fresh start!
Father's Smoke Free Day Free Kindle Download

E Cigarettes insist they they are the new wave of smoking... and unfortunately, they are...

Looks like e-cigarettes are coming on strong 
with Big Tobacco underwriting and smokeless 
nicotine becoming vogue for the Millennials.
This is distressing, to say the least.

Nicotine is the addiction; smoking is the habit.
Addictions are much harder to beat. E Cigarettes 
are nothing more than nicotine dispensing units 
that will drag most every hipster back to tobacco.
They fascinate the Tech Heads, who will join in
because it's the hip thing to do. Clearly, in the 
Image Scrimmage, as my friend Paul used to call it,
people will do the stupidest things if they think it 
will make them look cool. e-Cigarettes may be
the worst of the 21st century in Entitlement and  
Technology.  This is my opinion.

Let's get something straight- e cigarettes keep 
the habit firmly in place... in almost all cases, 
it will be only a matter of time until an e smoker 
returns to tobacco. The electronic smoke companies
know this.  They attack like pit bulls anyone who 
challenges their product. But to give them equal time, 
here's a link to yesterdays article in the New York Times.

e-cigarettes are in vogue and at a crossroads...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The blog of the Intergalactic Nicotine News; Smoking Journalism in the Universe brings 
the Intergalactic Nicotine News to you; the
stories, the legal and medical ramifications
and the casualties in the ongoing battle to 
somehow vanquish the evil plant Tobacco. 

These posts track stories of global mandates 
about smoking, much of which is usually left 
out of the weekly and nightly news.

It's news you want to know.

It's the responsibility of any author who 
advocates a healthy lifestyle to provide 
specific support material. Romancing The 
Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict
is the basis for these writings and musings 
about the struggle to quit smoking. 

This is important news; because when you read
what the they're finally doing to to get everyone 
to quit, you'll want to stop smoking too!

Act Now! Amazon is offering a great discount on the paperback of Romancing The Smoke!

Amazon Author Page- John Aaron

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's all in your head...and your lungs

Of all of humanity's addictions, smoking seems 
to be the most difficult habit to break. Thousands 
of ways to quit are offered, but so many of them are
ineffective to 90% of the population who smokes. 
That is because quitting smoking is a mostly cerebral 
endeavor; and the initial experiences of giving up 
tobacco are completely physical; and most of the 
cessation practices rely upon the product or method
as the weapon to defeat the addiction. The only real 
thing that will beat cigarettes is your own mind. 
The only way I was able to defeat the habit was by 
convincing myself I could no longer do it. Ever again.

Ever again.

I got that I was rapidly running out of respiratory
capability and was down to the last few days of 
unassisted breathing.  I worried that maybe I was 
too late. It certainly felt as though it was. This moment 
is a turning point in every smoker's life.  What helped 
me (sadly) was that I had watched far too many people 
ignore it on their way out the door. If a person really 
wants to live, they will quit. Honestly...not gum, not 
the Patch, not an e cigarette, or a "miracle drug" will 
really work. One has to overcome the habit in their 
mind. Let your mind convince you body what a good 
idea this is. Your body will get it soon enough.

As my friend River said, "it comes down to breath."
Breath is life. Quitting is the key to keep breathing.

If you're a smoker, the next time you are going to 
have a cigarette, please breathe ten incredibly deep 
breaths before you light up. Then take ten more.
Then decide whether you really want to smoke.
You might be on your way...

France does not feel sorry for you.....

France bans electronic cigarettes

In any language, it's the way to be...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey senator, dies at 89

Below is an excerpt from the New York Times about 
this politician who created legislation that helped 
regulate the irresponsible side of drinking, smoking 
and guns.

"In 1989, he led a successful fight to ban smoking on 
all commercial airline flights. Mr. Lautenberg, once 
two-pack-a-day smoker, told the Senate, "With this 
legislation, nonsmokers, including children and 
infants will be free from second hand smoke. Working 
flight attendants will avoid a hazard that has 
jeopardized their health and their jobs.""

Gov. Christie is expected to replace the five term 
Democratic senator with a member of the GOP.

Thanks for being the voice of reason, Senator.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Russian Smoking Ban Takes Effect....

The public smoking ban in Russia we reported on 
last year takes effect today. This should be quite 
a change for one of the heaviest tobacco using 
countries. This is nicotine news worth paying 
attention to; as it will most likely herald the future 
of tobacco usage and legislation in the Eastern block.
You can find the back story on our 10/26/12 post.

Today's article on Yahoo...
Russia's smoking ban takes effect today...