Friday, August 30, 2013

From Bloomberg Businessweek: Big Tobacco is back on TV

Bloomberg's Kyle Stock reports that Big Tobacco 
is coming back on TV after 43 years. Reynolds 
American (RAI) the company that makes Camel 
cigarettes will air a 60 second spot in September for 
its new Vuse e-cigarette. The U.S. Food and Drug 
Administration is drafting its first rules for the 
new devices and considering marketing constraints. 
The U.S. government banned cigarette ads on TV 
and radio in 1971.

Looks like Big Tobacco will always do whatever it 
wants without regard to health and safety in the name
of profit. Sad to see they can do whatever they want... 15 compelling antismoking ads

Here's some imagery to think about... 15 powerful antismoking ads

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Please support Romancing The Smoke...

Get your copy of Romancing The Smoke 
in paperback or Kindle. You support our efforts
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This book encourages a smoke free lifestyle.
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Amazon Author Page: Romancing The Smoke

My Favorite Insane Article about Smoking...How to?????

This article actually tells how to do smoke
a cigarette, step by step...sick, sick sick...
just so you know info like this is actually 
out there...This is the creepiest how to...

WikiHow: How to Smoke a Cigarette

ABC News: Underage tobacco sales at record low...

This article by Michael Felberbaum suggests that 
retailers are being responsible in restricting sales 
of tobacco to minors, bringing the percentage of
underage sales down from 40% in 1997 to 8.5% 
in 2011. One of the best ways to get people to quit 
is to restrict sales, which is effective prevention
when it comes to kids. We're doing something right...
photo: Frieke Janssens

ABC News: Underage tobacco purchases at all time low...

Medical News Today: E-cigarettes harm the lungs

This is a ship that will take a long time to turn 
around because e-cigs appeal to tech savvy 
millennials who have no intention of listening 
to reports that dis this new hip product. Have 
been first hand witness to this skepticism. Like 
everything else, it's cool to have your cigarette 
be electronic. Sigh.....
Medical News Today: Electronic cigarettes harm the lungs

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

YAHOO: Study says e cigarettes contain carcinogens similar to regular cigarettes

This article by Eric Pfeiffer discuses the report in the 
French National Institute magazine about the carcino-
genic elements in e-cigarettes.  e-cigs need to be fully
examined for safety and under some sort of regulation. 
This product is being presented as a savior to smokers 
by alot of folks determined to get rich off it as quickly 
as possible while trying to avoid future consequences.
They're dangerous. RTS: It's way too much like smoking.
YAHOO: Study says e-cigarettes contain carcinogens similar to regular cigarettes

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

US News: Health- Doctors should intervene to encourage kids to avoid smoking

There are times when a doctor's intervention 
can make all the difference in the world.
Especially if it involves convincing young people 
to avoid cigarettes and smoking.

Article by Laura McMullen
US News Health: Task force- doctors should intervene to prevent youth smoking

From Serenity Vista: What has Tobacco cost you?

Seems to me I've been learning 
some hard lessons lately...
-Bruce Springsteen

Thanks to Serenity Vista for this sobering
interactive slide show about the true costs...
Serenity Vista: What has tobacco cost you?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Health: Women smokers face increased risk of lethal stroke-Review

Health Magazine warns that women smokers face 
more dangerous risks with strokes from continuing 
to smoke than do men. A certain form of stroke 
(hemorrhagic) is more lethal and more common to 
women than men. Thank you to Health Magazine
for this eye opening article. Women smokers face increased risk of lethal stroke review

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Types of yoga breathing techniques

A collection of transformative breathing exercises 
to guide us to maximum health...fresh air is the key. Types of yoga breathing techniques

Getting Healthy...about breath and fresh air...

I made it. Three years. No cigarettes. 
No nicotine. All senses have returned, 
including my common sense. Smoke Free.
Tell us about your anniversary of quitting.
It will always be a mighty day in anyone's life.

B R E A T H E....

Three years ago today, August 25, 2010...

...was the day I quit smoking....
celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My favorite anti-smoking piece of public art...

What great anti-smoking public art!

Wall Street Journal: FDA Discusses Banning Online Sales of E-Cigarettes

This 8/23/13 WSJ article by Stephen Drill investigates 
the tightening of regulations about the commerce of 
e-cigarettes, considering the banning of online sales.
Wall Street Journal: FDA Discusses Banning Online Sales of E-Cigarettes

KGET: Push underway to raise California's cigarette tax

California also has the second lowest percentage 
of smokers in the fifty states, the lowest rate 
belonging to Utah.  Smoking doesn't have much 
traction in California anymore; and CA is one of 
only three states who haven't raised their cigarette 
taxes since 2000. A $2 increase is being sought. 
KGET: Push underway to raise California's cigarette tax

Friday, August 23, 2013

NY Times Room for Debate: The ambiguous allure of the e-cig

from 8/20/13
NY Times Room for Debate: The ambiguous allure of the e-cig

NYT Opinion: Mike Bloomberg: Why is Obama caving on tobacco?

An opinion by Mayor Bloomberg 
New York Times 8/22/13

Mike Bloomberg: Why is Obama caving on tobacco?

According to statistics of smoking in the US... an RTS prediction

... America is currently decreasing its adult smoking 
rate by about one percent every year and a half. 
Whatever antismoking campaigns and programs are 
in play appear to be helping the population to breathe
easier. It was 20% in 2010; and now hovers around 18%
three years later. At this rate, the US will be smoke 
free by the year 2040! Or not- Big Tobacco is not 
known for going quietly anywhere...
Romancing The Smoke's prediction:
2040.......US becomes smoke free!
Country's air pollution reaches all time low...
Let me know how this all plays out, will you?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

NBC News: Tobacco plants plus antibodies might be a treatment for Ebola...

This is one time when we might tip our hats 
to the good that tobacco might be able to do...
NBC article by Maggie Fox brought to
our attention by Ciggy Butts

NBC News: Tobacco plants plus antibodies equal possible treatment for Ebola

When I quit three years ago....

...after smoking a pack a day for most of forty years,
I woke up not being able to breathe, and wondered 
if this meant an unscheduled trip to the hospital for 
emergency respiratory assistance. I began to panic, 
thinking that I was arriving at my last breath way 
sooner than plannedIt was entirely because of 
smoking. I knew this. Then I made my bargain with 
life- "if you'll just let me breathe normally again, 
I'll never smoke another cigarette as long as I live!"

As with a cat's nine lives, I used up one of mine 
that day. I honored my part of the agreement. 
August 25, 2013 marks three years w/o a smoke.
1,095 days...but who's keeping track?

So far, it has all been good. I got out of this habit 
alive, breathing, back to healthy and strong. Today, 
after two hours of yoga and discovering that I can still 
swim two laps underwater, I honor the breath that keeps 
us alive. I feel so blessed that I made it this far that I 
want the world to know. 

There's life after smoking, 
if you catch it in time.

Ads always show the horror of being a smoker. They 
use fear to sell the idea. I guess it works. I get it. I lost 
six family members to the habit. Their stories are 
in my book. 

It's time to campaign for a positive spin on quitting. 
I ask the non-smoking powers-that-be to develop 
promotion based on inspiration, of ex-smokers who 
summited the mountain, sailed down the wave, took 
up yoga, hiked the Himalayas or biked across country 
just to see the great grandchildren...a tribute to those 
who turned their energies into healthy lifestyle and 
achievement. People encourage others when they 
become smoke free. If we heard more of these stories, 
we'd feel even better about quitting. 

Any time you would care to share your inspiration of 
being or becoming smoke free please comment below 
or email
We all want to see stories of inspiration.

Don't forget...
B   R  E  A  T  H  E  .  .  .  . Nicotine exposure gives baby rats addictive personalities

This article by Moheb Constandi is featured in Nature.
Perhaps it explains why so many people smoke, drink 
and eat too much...does it have something to do with 
exposure to nicotine at a very early age? btw Rats sure 
get the raw deal in the scientific research community, 
don't they? Nicotine exposure gives baby rats addictive personalities

Huffington Post: Providence vs Big Tobacco

Way to go, Providence!
A piece by Mayor Angel Taveras
Brought to our attention by the 
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
The Huffington Post is on it all the time...

Huffington Post: Providence vs. Big Tobacco

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Romancing the Smoke is the blog that 
brings you the global Nicotine News-
we track the legislation, health issues, 
smoking bans, initiatives, Big Tobacco's
tricks, trends, creepy history, & other 
forms of smoke & mirrors & roll it all up 
into ONE internet location for your non-
smoking information & bemusement. 
Even though a lot of this isn't very funny.
Please share this breath of fresh air with 
your friends, colleagues & family....
now take a deep breath....

the writer of this blog regularly practices yoga.

CDC Smokers' Stories...they give you every reason to quit...

These stories of smoking will get you to quit...
you've already seen pictures of these folks on tv...
This campaign is helping decrease smoking in the US.
be one of the ones that makes it through the haze-
every living organism will thank you....
CDC Smokers' Stories

ABC News: Tobacco brands slip into Myanmar without fanfare

Unlike many corporations who hale their arrivals
in new markets with pomp and circumstance, British 
Tobacco and other tobacco companies have chosen 
to sneak into the marketplace of Myanmar as quietly 
as possible. Ironically, this is not unlike how cancer
gets its hold...Article by Aye Aye Win
ABC News: Tobacco brands slip into Myanmar without fanfare

CDC Foundation: Significant decline in tobacco use in Turkey

According to GATS, the Global Adult Tobacco Survey
smoking rates amongst adults in Turkey have averaged 
about a one percent drop per year over the last four 
years from 31.2% in 2008 to 27.1 in 2012... this article 
by Brandon Talley contains a wealth of links we'll touch 
upon in future posts.

CDC Foundation: GATS highlights significant tobacco use decline in Turkey

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From Serenity Vista: Celebrities who died from smoking

Before we all knew how 
dangerous this habit was...

Serenity Vista: Celebrity Smoking Deaths

Superman has an important message for you! How Parents Can Protect Their Kids...

This fact sheet from The Campaign for is a valuable document 
that can help parents initiate the much needed 
discussion about cigarettes with their children 
as they head back to school and to help kids 
understand that the "new cool" is being Smoke Free... 
TobaccoFreeKids: How Parents Can Protect Their Kids...

Tobacco Country begins to warm to e-cigarettes

This article by Jonnelle Davis for the News Record 
is a positive spin on e-cigarettes down in the Carolinas. 
While I don't agree with where this piece is coming 
from, I am committed to keeping a balanced discussion 
about the addiction spawned by tobacco even though 
"vaping" keeps the physical gesture of smoking firmly 
"in hand." The multitude of fruit flavors can't possibly 
be attractive to young people, can they? I believe that 
many "vapesters" (my term for vaping hipsters) will 
return to actually smoking after this fad runs its course.
Coming soon: the ingredients of e-cigarettes...

Tobacco Country begins warming to e-cigarettes...

Michigan clarifies its "No Smoking" regulations...

Regulators in the State of Michigan are clarifying the 
state's smoking bans on the patios and porches of 
restaurants and bars. As long as they're not serving 
food or drinks out there, it's okay to smoke...
does that mean, "feel free to smoke when we're 
closed?"...or once the ballgame's over..? What?

Michigan clarifies "No Smoking" law on patios....

Monday, August 19, 2013

Quitting Smoking: Before and After

How I looked before I quit...

and now...

Chilean Mummies Reveal Ancient Nicotine Habit.....

From Yahoo LiveScience's Joseph Castro comes this 
fascinating story of ancient indulgence & addiction.
Seems the residents of the Chilean site of San Pedro 
de Atacama maintained a nicotine habit from 100 BC
to well into the 15th century. These people also snuffed hallucinogens as part of their spiritual & recreational 

Yahoo: Chilean mummies reveal ancient nicotine habit

The Rest of the Story: Duke Center for Child and Family Policy is aiding PR efforts of Big Tobacco

From the blog, The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News 
Commentary & Analysis by Dr. Michael Siegel,
Professor, Boston University School of Public Health
Dr. Siegel has been following the sordid escapades
of Big Tobacco for 25 years and knows the real story 
behind the Mad Men, smoke and mirrors...
...might it be said that "you can take the university out 
of Big Tobacco, but you can't take Big Tobacco out 
of the university...? especially in North Carolina...

Duke Center for Child and Family Policy is aiding PR efforts of Big Tobacco

Mayo Clinic's Advice: 10 ways to resist tobacco cravings

Not only is this great advice, the page includes 
an abundance of sound information about the
vast and compelling subject of tobacco.
Mayo Clinic: Ten ways to resist tobacco cravings

Sunday, August 18, 2013

NY Times: In all flavors, cigars draw in young smokers by Sabrina Tavernise

This article from today's NY Times about flavored 
cigars by Sabrina Tavernise shows the cavalier 
approach of tobacco companies to do whatever it 
takes to keep smokers in the fold, by literally "candy 
coating" their products and circumventing definitions 
of tobacco products- cigars vs. cigarettes. Their target 
market is young smokers who can afford a cigar, even 
if the cost of a pack of cigarettes is a bit much ($6.50 
in Baltimore, where the article was researched) for 
young smokers' pocketbooks, a sweet tasting "blunt" 
nestled next to the candy display is becoming the 
smoke of choice. 

Whether it's flavored cigars or e-cigarettes, making 
them taste like candy is today's marketing approach. 
Most of these products are not yet regulated. Scary.

Jessica Kourkounis contributed to this reporting.
photo: Hans Pennink AP
NY Times: In all flavors, cigars draw in young smokers

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wikipedia definition: Nicotine...facts are scary

Every smoker should be required to read this 
definition at least once... percentages of nicotine
in US cigarette brands increased steadily by 
1.78% annually from counteract
the declining percentage of smokers...

The Wikipedia definition of Nicotine

It's clear Mayor Bloomberg ain't fooling around...

The mayor of NYC is pressing for the extension of the comprehensive tobacco ban to include e-cigarettes. 
Mike Bloomberg is not fooling around when it comes 
to anything remotely resembling smoking. Nicotine is 
nicotine. The Big Apple isn't making it easy.... article by Thomas A Briant
Mayor Bloomberg pushes to extend cigarette ban to include e-cigarettes

An exciting job- High seas cigarette smuggling via jet ski

Article from the Arab News: 
Gibraltar chases tobacco smugglers....
It's a job for adventuresome young Andalusians
in a region of Spain where unemployment tops 35%.
They buy the cigarettes from tiny British Gibraltar
and whisk them away to Spain where they sell for 
twice as much. These smugglers make about 20-50 
euros a trip ($26-65) for bringing in 1000-5000 
cigarettes. Bizet's opera, Carmen, was about the 
time honored tradition of tobacco smuggling through 
the mountains of Spain...
Cigarette smuggling via jet ski

Friday, August 16, 2013

GMO Tobacco: Now here's one more great reason for anyone to quit smoking...

The actual headline of this article is 
"Ninety percent of US tobacco is GMO.
Hey smokers, you're smoking pesticide!"
If this doesn't get a smoker's attention, nothing will...

Natural News: GMO Tobacco is in most cigarettes

Two more DC colleges go completely smoke free!

George Washington University and American 
University of Washington DC have banned 
smoking outdoors, making two more campuses 
in the city that are completely smoke free!

Two more DC colleges go completely smoke free!

Is BIg Tobacco Coming For YOU?

Illustrations by John Aaron
from Romancing The Smoke...

The Lopez Stages of Tobacco Epidemic and related research

This post contains some of the most important 
information ever gathered about the dangers of 
smoking. The 1994 Lopez, Collishaw and Piha 
report explains the nightmare of the Cigarette 
Epidemic through the abstract known as the 
Lopez Stages of the Tobacco Epidemic...
From the National Institute of Health:
A descriptive model of the cigarette epidemic in developed countries

The links in this post provide the facts and figures
rarely divulged to the public about the nature of this
full blown epidemic, now entering its second century.

Harvard School of Public Health Presentation: 
Constantine Vardavas, Center for Global Tobacco Control
Controlling the Tobacco Epidemic: An Emphasis on the Middle East

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New anti-smoking law in France...

This article from Jenny Novak about the new 
anti-smoking laws in France is the work of a 
investigative reporter who is scanning the globe
to bring you the most up to date news about 
smoking and tobacco. Hats off to Jenny for her 
work keeping up with this constantly changing
subject and her cutting edge articles...

New anti-smoking law in France...

US News-Health: US Smoking Rates drop to 18%

This article by US News, Health division, suggests 
that the bombardment of anti-smoking policies, 
practices and marketing appears to be working
in America as the adult smoking rate has dipped
to 18% for the first time since the early 1900s.
No facts or figures are in about to what impact
Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict
has had on these figures...but we remain optimistic 
in light of the alternative....
US News- Health: US Smoking Rates drop to 18%

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BBC: India- A million deaths a year from smoking....

For the past decade, India has been reaching its 
tipping point with smoking- the addiction has never 
been greater and more people are dying from tobacco 
related illnesses than ever before. 

The death toll is about a million a year. 

India has about 120 million smokers. 
Article from BBC archives.
BBC: India is now facing a million deaths a year from smoking

A whole lot of news & information about

A link to the source...
Tobacco News and Information...
We welcome all views to our site and want 
to provide well rounded points of view through
the smoke and get to the truth... Tobacco News and Information...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RTS This evening's contemplative breath exercise...

Focus on the Lotus and breathe...                               

Edinburgh Evening News: Hospital smokers abuse staff and public

At the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, an Evening News 
investigation found almost two dozen people smoking 
near or outside the entrance in a little more than an 
hour's time. Under Scottish Government regulation, 
all hospital sites are due to go smoke free by 2015; 
anti-smoking advocates say that action needs to be 
taken now. As well, the Glasgow Commonwealth 
Games in 2014 has been proclaimed a smoke free event.

At the infirmary, smokers have been downright rude 
about their rights even in areas posted for no smoking.
We're having a devil of a time loading the photo
of people smoking under the no smoking sign...
...Smokers getting rude....go see for yourself...

Edinburgh Evening News: Hospital smokers abuse staff and public Study suggests that cigarette taxes deter heavy drinking

Once again, studies suggest that higher cigarette 
taxes are an effective instrument for not only 
deterring heavy drinking, but also for reducing 
the daily quantities of tobacco taken in by someone 
who regularly smokes and drinks. It's working for 
Australia and New York City. 
It will work elsewhere as well. Cigarette taxes deter heavy drinking study suggests

Cigarettes Reporter: Heavy drinking and smoking are a fire risk

The article Heavy Drinking + smoking = fire risk 
by Jenny Novak points out that heavy drinkers may 
die needlessly in house fires that would have been
escapable under more sober circumstances... Heavy drinking and smoking are a fire risk....

Monday, August 12, 2013

NPR: The Diane Rehm Show: Smoking in America Today -WAMU

Diane is one of my all time favorite radio 
personalities. I found her to be the voice 
of reason in Washington when I lived there.
Her discussions are compelling, insightful 
conversations worth having; I come away 
with the distinct suspicion that I've just 
learned something significant...
this show is from 8/5/13
the Diane Rehm Smoking in America Today

Verbicide Magazine: Cartoon Characters That Smoke

If you're a cartoon character, you don't have to be 
human to can be a pig or a mouse, 
a cat or dog or bird or even a sponge...and the 
pro-tobacco thing about being a cartoon character 
is that you can smoke forever...and you'll never die...

Verbicide Magazine 7/24/13: Cartoon Characters That Smoke...

How cigarettes were once widely promoted...

Many of these actors' contracts stated that they 
had to hawk cigarettes for sponsors in addition 
to their acting duties...
Would it be a bad joke to say that some of these 
actors were just dying to promote smoking...
and like John Wayne, did..?
from our friends at Serenity Vista...
Serenity Vista's Vintage Celebrity Tobacco Ads

For today's smoke free meditation, concentrate

Romancing The Smoke is completely disconnected from any special interest groups...

Romancing The Smoke (RTS) is an independent blog 
that is not funded by anyone nor even attached to 
pro-tobacco or anti-smoking organizations, 
corporations or campaigns. The only funding RTS 
receives are the proceeds it gets from book sales after 
Amazon takes their cut. It reviews stories and articles 
around the world to bring readers up to date with what's 
going on in the world of tobacco.  Someone has to 
gather this information to pass it along. In terms of 
special interest, RTS wants only one thing- 
For everyone to stop smoking.
If you really want to help, tell folks and buy the book.
Here's your chance...
Romancing The Smoke by John Aaron, on Amazon

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Natural News: Nutrition Kicks the Cigarette Fix by S.D. Wells

This article discusses the roles of nutrition & diet in 
the battle with nicotine addiction and how it can be 
utilized as an highly effective approach to quitting 
smoking. A pure natural foods approach to your diet 
is the antithesis of the unhealthy habit of smoking. 
They don't mix. 

Gather a bundle of carrots or favorite fruit from the 
local Farmer's market; it will help modify and diminish 
the nature of your cravings. Diet is a key to be 
smoke free. Once you start feeling healthier, you'll 
never look back. Breathing easier is what we all deserve.
Natural News: Nutrition Kicks the Cigarette Fix by S.D. Wells

BBC News: Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games to be Smoke Free

Organisers of the 2014 Commonwealth Games 
in Glasgow, Scotland have said the event will 
be entirely smoke free. The policy that has been
drawn up meets the World Health Organisation's 
requirements for a smoke free event. Below is
Team Scotland 2014 photo by Alistair Devine 
& Stuart Gray. A breath of fresh air...
2014 Commonwealth Games to be Smoke Free

CSM: FDA & E-cigarettes-Nicotine addiction cannot be the norm

This has largely been my argument about electronic 
cigarettes as the products fuel a new generation of 
tech savvy hipsters who are dazzled a new way to 
"smoke", or "vape", as practitioners call it. This 
product ignores nicotine addiction or that e-cigs 
are direct nicotine dispensing units. Stars in TV ads
say, "It's about taking back your independence!" 
Hipsters want to look cool, and smoking has always 
"looked" cool...even though it's not. So vaping is the 
illusion of looking cool. Even though it's not. What? 
It's about keeping people hooked on the gesture and 
substance. That's the goal of the industry. Sell alot.
This is the opinion of this blog.
Thank you to Yahoo and the Christian Science Monitor 
for this article.
Coming Soon: Four Types of "Vapers"

From Yahoo- CSM: FDA and E-cigarettes-Nicotine addiction cannot be the norm

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The spark of the lighter...

The world of tobacco continues to ignite a firestorm
of controversy coming from every side of the argument.
That's why Romancing The Smoke is posting news 24/7. 
News about the laws, rules, trends, triumphs, break-
throughs, setbacks & pulse of what Smoke Free, 
Big Tobacco, e-cigs, bans, nicotine addiction, industry 
lies and plain packaging are doing & which way the 
winds of change are blowing the smoke...some of the 
most dedicated of reporters stick their necks out to get 
these stories. We want you to know what is going on 
with this worldwide & we scramble to get you access 
to this information. Please tell your friends about this 
blog and the book, Romancing The Smoke.

Sex, Lies and Cigarettes: a Vanguard documentary by Christof Putzel

You may have seen a story on a 3 year old smoker
from Indonesia. He's just one small part of this 
sordid tale. While RTS posted this video in 2012, 
its importance seems to be something we all need 
reminded of. Christof Putzel's investigation unveils 
some shocking truths. Indonesian men "boast" a 70% 
smoking rate. This is the story of Big Tobacco taking 
Indonesia by storm.
See how...

From Vanguard- Sex Lies and Cigarettes by Christof Putzel

Bloomberg's Chart of the Day: Australian Smoking Rate to beat US's on Tax-

Australia is frequently in the news these days
when it comes to smoking and tobacco. 
Down Under's percentage of smokers is neck and 
neck with the US, 18.1-18.0 % The US is down 1% 
from the past two years. Other articles about 
smoking in Australia can be seen in our July 13 post.

This article is the August 4th article by Lee Miller, 
writer for Bloomberg 
Australian Smoking Rate to beat U.S.'s on tax- Bloomberg's Chart of the Day

BBC News: Beer Gardens: The Camaderie of Smokers

It might be the last bastion of smokers as the winds 
of change blow smoking out of public spaces...
This BBC News article is by Jon Kelly... Have beer pub gardens now become smoking gardens?

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Guardian: Occam's Corner-Richard Grant: Smoking, democracy, plain packaging and the Soviets

From Occam's Corner in The Guardian, Richard Grant 
takes the stance that while he doesn't care for most 
anything tobacco-related, he doesn't like the 
demonisation that smokers are facing in their 
ongoing attempts to practice the habit... an article
about the rights and privileges of all concerned...

originally posted 23 July, 2013

From The Guardian: Smoking, democracy, plain packaging and the Soviets by Richard Grant

And you think they're expensive here...????

The smoking rates are plummeting in these countries, 
by the way... to see the list...
Guardian: Norway and Australia have the most expensive cigarettes