Monday, October 14, 2013

European Union enacts tough new guidelines about smoking...

European lawmakers approved sweeping new 
regulations geared to curtail Big Tobacco's
efforts to promote their products and practices
further regulating sales, packaging, e cigs 
and flavored & menthol tobacco. It is the result 
of a bitter battle with tobacco lobbyists over the
power of the regulations and the challenge to 
consumer freedom. Who'd have thunk it coming 
out of Europe? Nice work... maybe we can all 
breathe easier on our next trip back to the old country...  
CBS: EU approves tough new tobacco regulations

Great American Smoke Out Nov 21, 2013

Time for you to get ready for a smoke free life...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Some e cigarettes are being used for cannabis based purposes...

Evidently, those e cigarettes someone is "vaping" 
on the train may be packing a bigger kick than 
just nicotine. With the advent of wax and liquid 
cannabis forms ("hash oil") it seems that some of 
the e cigarettes can be easily loaded with weed 
by-products and its use minimizes the smell from 
the smoke. By the by, e cigs always looked like 
the 70's pot chillums and carburetors to me. 
Now e cigarettes are becoming a multi-tasking tool?
Article by Ann Givens and Pei-Sze Cheng-
NBC New York I Team: E Cigarettes are being used to smoke cannabis products

Bloomberg: NY State Parks Outdoor Smoking Ban Overturned...

Had the feeling that New York was pressing for 
a smoke free world a little too fast. While I agree
about banning smoking around public gathering 
places, it's a little pushy to proclaim smokers the
Resident Evils, when it's the Tobacco Companies 
and their enthusiastic marketeers and lobbyers 
who should be punished more than the hapless 
addicted....signs are being removed and it is not 
considered any sort of offense...although I'm sure
we'll have that argument again soon....The case is 
NYC CLASH Inc. vs New York State Office of Parks, 
Recreation & Historic Preservation. 2218/2013 
New York Supreme Court Albany County. 
CLASH stands for Citizens Lobbying Against 
Smoker Harassment...this article by Chris Dolmetsch NY State Parks Outdoor Smoking Ban Blocked