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This New Year's, someone you know is going to try to quit smoking...

This New Year's, someone you know is going to 
try to quit smoking... encourage them by guiding 
them to their very own FREE Kindle copy of 
Romancing The Smoke. On New Year's Eve and 
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Back in the day, Chesterfields knew what was best for you...

Chesterfields encouraged THIS 
New Year's Resolution in 1939...

Get Off Your Butt to Stand Up for a Smoke Free World...

It's astonishing to see how too many folks don't want 
to make waves or speak out about this whole smoking/
anti-smoking thing.  Ex-smokers help those still 
struggling with the addiction by standing up for a 
smoke free world.  It's great to see that the RTS motto 
"Because Smoke Free Is The Way To Be!" has been 
adopted by major state anti-smoking coalitions. 
Hooray for that!

We encourage people to get off their Butts. 

That's what Romancing The Smoke is about. 
This blog brings you up to date with the rules, 
regulations, trends and storylines that follow 
the darkly hysterical world of Nicotine and 
Big Tobacco. Follow us long enough, you're 
bound to breathe easier...Happy New Year!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Seven ways e-cigarettes are following Big Tobacco's advertising playbook

Reposting a post by our friends at Tobacco Free 
Kids... from Tobacco Unfiltered... what RTS has 
been saying all along about how Big Tobacco is 
planning on getting back all the "smokers" it's been 
losing to education by combining old time advertising 
with high tech gadgetry... rebels without a clue...
Seven ways E-cigarettes are taking cues from old time Big Tobacco advertising

Thursday, December 19, 2013

NYC expands smoking ban to include e-cigarettes

I guess you can't fight City Hall...
New York bans the public use of e-cigarettes. 
Article for ABC by Jake Pearson
ABC News: New York to expand public smoking ban to e-cigarettes

CBS: NYC Council to vote on e-cigarette smoking ban...drum roll please....

Gotta hand it to Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He's one of 
the most action oriented mayors any American city 
has ever had. He's heading out of City Hall getting 
stuff done and making New York healthier, in spite 
of itself. Ain't no lame duck there...as the Who said, 
"We're not going to take it..." Stay tuned...
CBS: NYC Council to vote on e-cigarette smoking ban...

There's still time to get your loved one the gift of a smoke free life for Christmas...

Because there's a book that actually tells what it's 
like to live enveloped in tobacco smoke and still get 
free to live in the realm of fresh air FOREVER!
Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict- John Aaron on Amazon

Saturday, December 14, 2013

NY Times: Big Tobacco's Strategy Limits Poorer Nations' Smoking Laws

This article by Sabrina Tavernise points out how 
Big Tobacco is trying to intimidate poorer nations
about their rising anti-smoking stances, since the 
Industry realizes it can no longer bully America 
and other more enlightened countries about nicotine 
addiction. We have reported on this issue before; 
and this article points out how Big Tobacco uses 
its sleazy leverage to keep a stranglehold on less
educated and informed populations...
NY Times: Tobacco Firms’ Strategy Limits Poorer Nations’ Smoking Laws 

Because so many things everyone says will help people quit smoking just don't...

We're pinned down by advertising on both sides....
One talked me into it; the other said it knows a 
dozen ways to quit. Nothing has been found to be 
a sure-fire cure...except for sheer will power. What 
if listening to someone who's been through the grip   
of nicotine addiction and a smoke-filled life who 
somehow made it through to the other side, smiling 
and still breathing- what if that is what people need- 
the quintessential no nicotine pep talk that lets them 
know they're not alone. It IS hard. It is absurd; and...
it CAN be done. I know. I did. I smoked 219,000 
cigarettes...and still got out of it alive. Hell, I almost 
died. I understand.  That's why you're NOT alone.

I guarantee I'll make you laugh in the midst of your
anguish. Laughter, breathing and words are the basis
of this treatment. As we share stories, you'll see how 
absurd the habit is. You'll become eager to be smoke 
free. You're going to write your way to fresh air. All 
you need is to totally believe in your efforts for 30 
days. I can show you that you don't need an e cig, 
a patch, gum or to be put into a coma or a padded 
cell to quit.  And you sure as hell don't need any 
more nicotine. All you need is the proper frame of 
mind. This is your script. You're going to write yourself 
out of this habit. This is a movie with a happy ending. 
Because once you've quit smoking, nothing tastes 
better than fresh air.

Romancing The Smoke's Give It Up Program helped 
me breathe easier.  It will help you too; because you're 
no different than me. Read the book. Now breathe...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

...because you're probably hoping someone you know will quit for Holidays...

...because you're probably hoping someone you 
know will quit for the Holidays...maybe what your 
loved one needs is to read about someone who 
intimately knows what they're going through and 
has stories they can relate to in their struggle. Since 
quitting smoking is so serious, it needs some comedy 
relief- so try the new and improved, unfiltered version 
of my illustrated memoir, Paperback and Kindle...
a well suited Holiday gift for your smoking friends.....
Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict on Amazon

Metro: Boggling Fact- 600 kids take up smoking daily in the U.K.

This incredibly disturbing fact about youthful
tobacco use in the United Kingdom is brought 
to you by Metro's Nicole Le Marie...
photo: Mark Keenan
Metro: Almost 600 children take up smoking daily in the U.K.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why are terminally ill the prominent visual for quitting smoking?

I'm trying to figure out why someone who is terminal 
or disfigured by smoking related illness is a more 
convincing spokesperson for the cause than one who 
got free and now lives a healthy lifestyle. Scare tactics  
are not uplifting: Who believes that it really works?
"With my dying breath....? Really? Really?
Frankly, watching my Uncle Jack and Sister Chambier
in their hospital rooms deteriorate from cancer did not
make me want to smoke less- so worried and scared, 
I couldn't help but puff like an industrial smokestack.

"Free and Clear" should be the focus of role model.

Imagine a world without tobacco smoke...

This makes me want to breathe in the whole scene.

If you are wanting to quit, trying imagining yourself 
here for three minutes. Just let yourself be. Breathe 
the fresh air. Hear the waves. Feel the calm. 
Breathe. Take this time to be at peace.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Plain Packaging is having little or no effect on smoking rates in Australia

A hopeful aversion process, Plain Packaging with 
larger warnings, first instigated in Australia, is not 
proving to have enough of an impact to expand it 
to other countries. It has succeeded only in increasing 
the illegal cigarette trade while not decreasing the 
13% adult smoking rate. This is the first time since 
2009, the percentage has not decreased. This leaves 
the U.K., that was considering ruling in favor of 
Plain Packaging, unsure of its next move. This article
in the Express was written by Kirsty Buchanan.
Express: Plain packet effect goes up in smoke as Australian research reveals no fall in smoking

It's clear it's nearer if you don't stop....

It's clear it's near...

NY Times: Bill would restrict e-cigarettes in NY

Our friends at NYC Coalition for a Smoke Free City
brought this article to our attention.  NY City Council 
meeting on Wed., 12/4, 10 a.m. will discuss imposing 
restrictions on e-cigarettes. As Dylan said, "there's a 
battle outside and it's raging..." 
Watch this blog later this week for news about the
council meeting...
NY Times: Bill would restrict electronic cigarettes in New York

Yahoo: London conference says e-cigarettes will save millions of lives...

From the other side of the opinion which I do not 
agree with, but, in fairness, feel compelled to give 
voice to... an Article by Robin Millard for Yahoo...
Yahoo: London Conference says e-cigarettes will save millions of lives

Saturday, November 30, 2013

This just in: Romancing The Smoke rapidly gaining "cult" status....

A buzz is rising about the book Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict, on Amazon-
that it sails you through what it takes to quit 
without telling you that you should, with stories 
to which you can relate. What you do after you read 
it (and look at the pictures) is up to you. Hot topic 
is that the book is gaining a cult following for its 
unfiltered approach to the truth about tobacco.
Don't be shy. It's time you thought about it.

Eastern Arizona Teens Take A Stand Against Tobacco

This article and photos in the Eastern Arizona Courier 
by Jon Johnson talks about the Graham County teen 
anti-smoking group STAND- Students Taking 
Different Direction. These kids are doing great things 
to increase awareness about the dangers of tobacco.
Eastern Arizona Courier: Teens Take a Stand Against Tobacco

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A photo by Leonardo Patrizi

Recalling the seductive nature the habit  with a tech twist...even more diabolical 

ABC News: Chicago seeks e-cig ban in public...

This article by Liz Neporent via Good Morning 
America shows that some cosmopolitan areas aren't 
warming to the idea of e-cigarettes or rolling over 
as they come barreling into town; and Chicago is 
the first big city to challenge the product's cavalier 
use in public... the law also seeks to prohibit the sale 
of the products to minors within city limits... hoping 
other major cities get the hint...photo: Leonardo Patrizi
ABC News: Chicago may ban public use of e-cigarettes...

RTS: The Fourth and Final Condition of Quitting Smoking- Cranial Paralogism

As the physical characteristics of the addiction began 
to diminish, and I felt like I might have conquered this 
demon, the most insidious condition waited in the
wings for my resolve to falter. Cranial Paralogism.
It's the Shadow Mind at work dissolving the resolve.

My mind built a case for quitting being a non-smoker
by reversing the negative viewpoint into the positive
to justify abandoning the effort. Logic does a 180.
All the lies about smoking return from time to time to 
convince me that "I can go back any time; because I 
can quit any time I want to....?" This mental state 
marched me right into gas stations to buy a pack a 
dozen times after I had become an "unsmoker."

This is the most powerful withdrawal disorder. I'm 
guessing it lasts a lifetime, is entirely mental, and 
is the core of what all addictions are about.

Should Cranial Paralogism try to change your mind, 
breathe like you're trying to take in all of the fresh air 
of the world. Ten breaths. Then ten more. Do this until 
you have flushed the mental state from your head.

Beating this condition almost always left me dizzy.
After a year, this condition mostly disappears.
But please, never let down your guard...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Planning to quit Smoking on New Years? Chesterfields used to tell you to do this...

Chesterfield was never one to pull punches,
using movie stars and floozies to keep you
wrapped in the soft pack fold. From 1938...
Their advice to you at New Years...

As a fashion statement...

For the wise college graduate...

RTS: The Third Condition of Quitting Smoking: Wet Towel Torque

After I stopped wanting to gnaw upon things,
I experienced a weird clenching of my veins 
and arteries and almost seizure-like tightening
through my body. Wet Towel Torque. It was
kind of like a wet towel shrink-wrapping around
me. Mummy in a steam room being wrung out.
This phase is mostly physical and may be some
of the final objections the body is experiencing
when it's getting weaned off of nicotine. It went
all the way to the bones; and my pulmonary
capacity temporarily got worse. This was my
final physical battering in the effort to get smoke
free. I experienced this for two weeks. After a 
month smoke free- the physical battle was
mostly over. But the mental one was yet to come...
Wet Towel Torque

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Guardian: This is the funniest piece on e-cigarettes yet...

Thank you Guardian for pointing out what is some
of the lamest assemblage of words surrounding an
action in the past ten years of the English language.
My songwriting teacher used to say that too many
people reach for the first available rhyme...and "vaping"
shows that no one spent any time whatsoever thinking
about it. The article is right: smokers must be furious!
Hipsters, sometimes what you think is cool is
downright clueless and painful!
The Guardian: Is "Vaping" the best word for smoking e-cigarettes?

RTS: The Second Stage of Quitting Smoking- Furniture Gnaw

In the chapter in Romancing The Smoke where 
I discuss withdrawal, the second condition I 
encountered was the battle to disable the repetitive 
oral fixation of tobacco handling. A big part of the 
habit. I named it Furniture Gnaw. After about three 
days, I had the urge to gnaw on the nearest wooden 
doorjamb or metal drawer handle. Furniture Gnaw 
pressed to convince me that this behavior was a 
suitable alternative to replace cigarette smoking.
My mouth was craving constant activity. While this 
makes no sense, they were authentic mental and
physical cravings. Like Tornado Face, very primal.
The dog thought I wanted to play...

Furniture Gnaw

RTS: The First Stage of Quitting Smoking - Tornado Face

The first stage of quitting is what I call Tornado Face.
When my mind realized I was actually stopping, it
released a swirl of static- audio, visual and olfactory hallucinations. Strange sounds, sights and smells... You’ve seen someone walk into a spider web? 
Quitting cigarettes feels like what that looks like. 
There’s a tornado in my head- and what's with all
these spiders? My head was twirling upside down 
in a cotton candy machine. Things were going too fast to follow- like when Neo is confronted with
dozens of Agent Smiths in The Matrix. All these sensations are normal when a smoker decides to quit.
While it feels like forever, this lasts about three days...
Tornado Face

Have you or someone you know experienced
this condition? How would you describe it?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How many cigarettes have you smoked?

In my book, I wrote that I had smoked about 
140,000 cigarettes in my lifetime, based upon 
a pack a day habit. Then I found this calculator 
offered by the American Cancer Society-
and realized I was really wrong...I had smoked
nearly 220,000.  Not a one in the last three years.
I got away with attempted murder...of myself...
Please calculate your usage...and then QUIT.
Cancer.org: Calculator for how many cigarettes you've smoked...

Link- Facebook Page: Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict

This is the FB page that's slightly different from the 
Romancing The Smoke FB "Group"...                       Facebook Page: Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Click on the Green for your FREE Kindle copy of Romancing The Smoke... Breathe Easy!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wish this guy had stopped smoking alot sooner....

This is my dad. His name was Art. He smoked 
for 40 years. Quit two years before he died.
Of lung, brain and pancreatic cancer.
He was only 56 and I was only 19.
Didn't really get a chance to say goodbye.

I still miss him.
If you quit smoking, you'll stick around longer.
Your kids and grandchildren will thank you.

List of Smoke Free Schools: The greatest thing is this list is changing every week....

To offer you a head start on tomorrow 11/21; An Affirmation to Get Smoke Free...GASO '13

Repeat out loud to yourself
as needed between deep breaths...
it's okay to start today

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Inconvenienced....wrong place wrong time...

Sometimes the mere act of buying cigarettes can place
a person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

...Thirty some years ago, I walked into a convenience
store to buy a pack of Marlboros one Saturday night.
Gunshots rang out in the parking lot- I hit the floor, 
and hid behind a wall of chocolate. As the police 
pulled up to the door, the clerk threw me the keys 
and asked me to unlock it. When I did, the cops burst 
in, grabbing me and pinning me onto the counter.
"He's not the guy!" the clerk exclaimed; and they
let go, kind of dusting me off as they went. Things 
settled down; and the world returned to semi-normal.
But buying a pack of smokes would never be the same.

"You've just been shot at by the bad guys and roughed 
up by the cops. Welcome to Marlboro Country! 
Will that be regular... or menthol?"

excerpt from Romancing The Smoke: Reflections 
of a Nicotine Addict by John Aaron

NYC Raises the Smoking Age to 21...Mayor Mike ain't foolin' around...

This report, by Ryan Jaslow, points out the tough 
stance Mayor Bloomberg has taken towards smoking. 
The law goes into effect in May, 2014 and will effect 
27,000+ smokers between the ages of 18-21 in NYC.
CBS: NYC Raises the smoking age to 21 & the price of cigarettes to $10.50/pack

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Historic Exhibition and Film Documentary about Tobacco and Surgeon General Luther Terry at the Univ. of Alabama

This upcoming exhibition and film documentary 
opening Nov. 20, 2013 at U of A's Gorgas Library 
in Tuscaloosa is the most significant overview into 
the sordid history of Tobacco and its relentless battle 
to deny the health risks. Surgeon General Luther Terry's
landmark findings in 1964 are central to this presentation.
This information is provided by exhibit curator 
Dr. Alan Blum, the Gerald Leon Wallace MD Endowed 
Chair in Family Medicine, UA's College of Community 
Health Services. Dr. Blum and his colleagues are 
anti-smoking champions; this work is crucial to the 
future of a smoke free world.
Melissa Brown contributed to this story.
UA News: "The Surgeon General vs. The Marlboro Man: Who Really Won?"

Thank you to Tobacco Free UK for this...

This ain't no party...this ain't no disco... 
this ain't no foolin' around.... David Byrne

Thursday, November 14, 2013

"after all...we're not in it for their health...!"

...while I waited in line to buy a Milky Way at the local 
liquor store, a young gamer geek hovered over the 
counter, oblivious to those behind him. looked around 
to see he was engrossed in the machinations of what 
was a clarinet-sized e-cigarette. It was colorfully gaudy 
and seemed somewhat complicated. He took a drag off 
of his new toy and paid for it just as his father came in, 
asking if the kid needed ID to prove he was old enough 
to buy it. The owner said "no" and the lad shuffled out 
after his dad, armed and ready to "vape" with a bong-
sized piece of equipment. He was maybe seventeen.

As I got my candy bar, I asked the shopkeeper if that 
contraption was an electronic cigarette.

"Yes, but you know there's no nicotine in those things!" 
He seemed ignorant of the product except for how to 
load it and sell it. "Me, I don't smoke" he said.

"Actually," I said, "most of them have plenty of nicotine 
and they're fruit flavored to get the kids hooked. Makes 
sure the smoking habit stays firmly in place til they get 
bored fooling around with these gadgets and take up 
tobacco- just like their ancestors...!"

The man smiled. "That is why he also bought cigars!"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Guardian: Can England Stop Smoking?

An article by Sarah Parfitt addresses the British 
government's efforts to convince its population 
to quit smoking. This comprehensive review covers
a lot of ground. As my book is popular in the U.K.,
this is of great interest to me...
The Guardian: Can England Stop Smoking?

The Great American Smoke Out: 21 November

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Be Prepared for the Great American Smoke Out...November 21

The perfect encouragement for one who wants to quit...
Great American Smoke Out Nov. 21
Romancing The Smoke on Amazon- Paperback or Kindle

USA Today: E-Cigarette Ads Model the Big Tobacco Ads of Old....

As legislators lumber towards the high speed fast track 
e-cigarette marketing campaign making efforts to 
regulate them on the local state and federal levels, 
Big Tobacco has jumped in with both feet to make sure 
promotion of E-cigarettes gets a firm chokehold on tech 
savvy youth to keep them interested in the concept of 
smoking. They are adopting the old style advertising 
with uber cool movie stars proclaiming their rights to 
use e-cigarettes anywhere, anytime. This is nauseating.
Government would be wise to make closing loopholes
in the laws about e-cigs an urgent priority. Because 
Big Tobacco is reeling in the next generation while 
we're talking about it.  Jolie Lee's article for USA Today.
USA Today: E Cigarette Ads Model the Big Tobacco Ads of Old...