Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trying to quit and need a friend? This book speaks to smokers....

After growing up in a houseful 
of smokers, 40 years of smoking 
and burying 6 family members 
from smoking related diseases, 
John Aaron brings the story of 
how he found his way to smoke
free. He knows what it takes.
AMAZON: Romancing The Smoke: Reflections of a Nicotine Addict

Romancing The Smoke Does Not Advocate For E-Cigarettes

For the record, Romancing 
The Smoke is in no way a
proponent of electronic 
vaporizing devices, ie, 
e-cigarettes or ENDS-
electronic nicotine 
dispensing systems.

First and foremost, RTS 
believes nicotine to be the 
most addictive substance
known, has thoroughly 
researched the dangers 
and opposes its use in any form.

RTS sees that the vaping
industry is rapidly being taken 
over by Big Tobacco, because 
no one other than Big Tobacco 
can afford the tv and print ads,
the cost of the celebrity 
spokespeople and rapid media
response to anti-e-cig campaigns;
to note, Lorillard bought up Blu,
Reynolds American owns Vuse,
and Altria Group, the wonderful
folks who bring you Marlboro, 
sell Mark Ten. NJOY uses rockers
like Courtney Love to promote 
their product, because who better
as a role model for youth than
someone like her? Not one of these
products has been submitted for 
FDA Smoking Cessation approval, 
yet Pro-vape advocates claim a 
tremendous cessation success
rate.  This claim is pure malarkey.
E-Juice flavorings are directed at
the youth market to hook the 
next generation. Big Tobacco
knows the western world is 
getting hip to their tricks and 
the only folks they can dupe 
around here now are kids.

This sort of stuff is the exact
same tactic used in cigarette
marketing in the 30's and 40's
to tell people how "healthy and 
safe" the use of their product is,
is and how much "cooler" and 
"desirable" a person will be 
if they use it.
Note the Blu bikini ad...

RTS has its share of detractors
in the Vape community, mostly 
from merchants who stand to 
lose money from legal restrictions 
on Vaping. RTS is not against 
ENDS products if they submit 
to federal regulations and agree 
to meet material standards. But 
refusing to cooperate whatsoever 
seems to be the basis of their
marketing campaign. Its past 
equivalency appears to be the 
cigar smoking experience.

The jury is still out about the 
health issues enshrouding vaping.
While safer than cigarettes, it is 
not known how much safer. RTS 
believes that COPD will become  
an issue for long-term vapers 
who see nothing disconcerting 
about releasing  a "ploom" of 
opaque vapor the size of a car 
with every exhalation. Lungs 
can't take this shit; and non-
smokers and non-vapers do not 
want to contend with that much 
of whatever it is in their otherwise 
breathable air. That's a plain fact.
Vape World. Own your scam.

Monday, March 30, 2015

scmp.com: Hong Kong anti-smoking watchdog urges ban on e-cigarettes

Samuel Chan reports for 
scmp.com that not long after 
the Council on Smoking and 
Health released its findings,
the Secretary for Food and 
Health, Dr. Ko Wing-man
recommended that perhaps
e-cigarettes as he called them, 
personal vaporizers, should
be banned- less than 2% of
the population in Hong Kong
has tried e-cigarettes. It may 
be part of China's new approach
to all forms of smoking products.
China is weighing the issues of
health care required due to nicotine
related illnesses. Photo by Reuters.
scmp.com: Hong Kong anti-smoking watchdog urges ban on e-cigarettes

Telegraph.co.uk: 20 students get violently ill after passing around prescription nicotine spray...

20 students at Wolstanton 
High School in Newcastle-
under-Lyme became violently 
ill after using a student's 
nicotine inhaler that had been
prescribed to her for her 
addiction to cigarettes.  The 
students, from Years 7 and 8,
were all underage  (16) 
according to the school's 
smoking regulations.  The 
school's Time To Quit program
had prescribed the inhaler.
All students have recovered; 
and the girl has been disciplined.
Telegraph.co.uk: 20 students violently ill after passing around perscription nicotine spray

I am an illustrator of the anti-smoking world...

After illustrating 
Romancing The Smoke,
I continue to tell the 
anti-smoking story in 
pictures in addition to 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The folks in Hollywood who are still lighting up the movies with tobacco...

This article by Elizabeth 
Hernandez focuses on the 
use of tobacco in the movies 
by the actors, directors, 
producers and writers...
Quite a list of the "Smokiest"
names you know well...
ucsf.edu: Hollywood & tobacco new spotlight on smoking movies, actors

InHealth: Keeping COPD under control....

For those who are having 
a difficult time breathing 
because of COPD, these
exercises can help ease the
difficulties of Chronic 
Obstructive Pulmonary
Disease. It is medically 
manageable. If you're 
having trouble breathing, 
see your doctor immediately.
InHealth: Keeping COPD under control- exercises for people with COPD