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Romancing The Smoke: The very beginning...

I was just a little 
buckaroo when 
they first invited 
me to Marlboro 
Country. I loved 
being a cowboy, 
and smoking fit
right in with ridin', 
ropin' and wranglin'. 
But once I got to
where the flavor 
was, it would take
me four decades to
find a trail out of 
Nicotine Canyon.
They told me I had 
lungs like leather 
and I could smoke
a pack a day forever. 
I finally ran out of 
reasons to smoke...
when I ran out of air...
- opening, Chapter 1, 
Romancing The Smoke...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How they got young folks to smoke: Part 1

from a German postcard 
from WWI which read, 
"He is verily not a brave 
man, if he cannot stand 

For the Holidays...Chesterfield had your lungs in mind...

Chesterfield and the 
other cigarette brands 
always seemed to 
have some thoughtful 
approach to habit-
forming gift giving...
From movie stars and 
fashion to Santa giving 
them out for the War 
Effort... here are a few
from way back when...

BBC: Smoking Ban in Cars with Children will begin October '15

Nick Triggle reports 
for the BBC on the 
upcoming ban in 
England on smoking 
in cars when children 
are present.

Both my parents lit up

constantly while I was 
in the back seat, and 
closed the windows so 
they could turn on the 
air conditioning...when
I opened the window to
get fresh air, they'd bark 
at me, "Roll that up! 
Don't you see we have 
the air conditioning on?"
It was like sitting in a 
smoldering fireplace... 
in those days, no one 
had a clue...
BBC: Smoking Ban In Cars With Children to Start in October '15