Saturday, July 4, 2015

Daily Telegraph: Australian Outdoor Smoking Ban to Begin...

The outdoor smoking ban in 
Australia is slated to go into 
effect July 6 and one of the 
world's toughest countries 
on smoking isn't fooling 
around. As of Monday, 
smoking in the outdoor 
areas of restaurants will no 
longer be allowed; and serious
fines are forthcoming for those 
who willfully ignore the ban. New law banning outdoor smoking takes effect in Australia tomorrow

A comment on Freedom on the 4th of July...

About five years ago, 
I made a life saving 
decision. Since then, 
have NOT smoked 
43,000 cigarettes.
Freedom from Smoking. 
Freedom from Nicotine.
Best decision EVER.

Friday, June 19, 2015 What happens to your body when you quit smoking...

Vanessa Caceres reports on the 
changes that happen to your 
body when you quit smoking...
Check out this link RTS found 
on CNN. My book discussed a 
number of aspects of this, though
not as succinctly. 
Totally worth the read... 
Thank you also to CVS for their

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Amazing art about Cigarettes...

Highly imaginative artwork 
by Cranbrook Academy of 
Art MFA candidate Alex 

Photos thanks to Michael Janis

CHALK4PEACE Indiegogo film Campaign...a project founded by the creator of Romancing The Smoke

For those who follow this blog 
and are used to the pithy, 
relevant sarcastic commentary 
in the anti-smoking vein, and 
are wondering why RTS has 
grown quiet as of late, there's 
a good reason... I'm working
on another cause at the moment.
It's an Indiegogo Crowdfunding
Campaign for my other project 
CHALK4PEACE, the global 
chalk art project.

CHALK4PEACE is headed to 
Ferguson, Missouri this fall to
participate in a major peace event.
We're making a documentary 
film called "CHALK4PEACE:
Drawing FergUSon Together"
Please take a moment to see
what we're up to.
Drawing FergUSon Together-an Indiegogo film

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Telegraph: Has President Obama begun smoking again?

An Instagram photo taken at 
the G7 summit last weekend 
shows President Obama talking 
with Italian Prime Minister 
Matteo Renzi while holding
some little package that looks 
suspiciously like a pack of 
cigarettes. Either that, or a 
giant pack of breath mints...

Then again, with a job like that,
it's understandable that a habit
like that would rear its ugly head.
Talk about pressure...

Cut him some slack...the stress 
of that job is off the charts... Has President Obama begun smoking again?