Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NY Daily News: Grandmother may be victim of e cigarette explosion

In Manchester, England, a 65 year 
old woman suffered severe burns
perhaps as a result of an e cigarette
mishap. She was in an oxygen tent 
at the time when she was engulfed
in flames. Officials are investigating.
Article by Nina Golgowski
NYDaily News: Grandmother engulfed in flames, possibly from e cigarette

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Nicotine Bait and Switch...

There have been some rumblings 
in a number of journals about 
how e cigarettes are taking off 
as the efforts to curtail smoking, 
which include plain packaging, 
graphic advertising, public 
smoking bans, and increasing 
tobacco taxes, are succeeding 
in making smoking "uncool". 

Everywhere we go now, it's 
"uncool" to smoke. But it isn't 
uncool to "vape" even though it's 
the lamest verb anyone's made 
up in a long time. Why? Because 
young folks just can't get enough 
of technology, and e cigarettes are 
just like their very own little hand 
held Ferraris, with custom colors,
shapes and special effects. The 
vaping industry has developed 
the personal E cig to reel in 
"the hip". It's unfortunately, an 
awesomely successful campaign.
Once again the hype is based on lies. 
Once e cigs stop being hip, which 
will inevitably happen, many vapires
will return to smoking tobacco.

And speaking of...

...we're not even paying attention 
to how the tobacco industry is 
promoting cigarettes anymore.
Check out how Marlboro is courting
European youth with their print ads.
As RTS mentioned last year, the 
Industry is bearing down on Indonesia 
which is the part of the world where 
rules and regs about smoking are 
most lax.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and 
Indonesia alone account for more 
than half the tobacco consumption 
on the planet. 

Nicotine. It gets people to spend 
trillions and ruin their health.
E cigs are just the delivery system 
for the 21st century.

I'm glad I'm not hip anymore.

Romancing The Smoke is what one does once they've quit...

Romancing The Smoke is what 
people do once they've quit, like 
they had to abandon an old friend.
Cigarettes are NOT your friends.
The psychology of dreaming 
about smoking is elaborate, and
insidious; and succumbing to the 
battle is undoubtedly disastrous. 
There's a book that explains this 
experience and how to follow 
the path to smoke free...
Amazon Author page: Romancing The Smoke by John Aaron

Major tobacco plant closes in Australia

Hooray for Australia! 
Philip Morris closes its 
Australian plant that had 
been in existence for sixty 
years; operations moved to 
S. Korea. This Bloomberg
News article points out that
smoking in the Land Down 
Under continues to decrease
resulting from increased 
taxes, health awareness and 
public smoking bans. Found 
this piece in the Ft. Wayne 
Journal Gazette...

As Australia snuffs smoking, plant closes-article by David Fickling

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How they sell Marlboros to youth in China...

I'm told this is for real...

RTS shouts a big thanks to 
Tobacco Prevention in K12 
and Tobacco Free California
for always pointing RTS and 
unsmokers in the right direction

Digital Trends: New study finds that e-cig vapor affects cells similarly to tobacco smoke

Why anyone EVER thought e cig vapor 
is benign is beyond us here at RTS. 
Further research will bear out that the 
effects are similar to tobacco but different. 
But benign? Just what exactly are the 
people touting e cig safety smoking?
Are we going to have to spend decades 
going through the safety argument again?
Those clouds of vapor are not exactly 
packing Vitamin C...
Article by Drew Prindle...
Digital Trends: New study finds e cig vapor affects cells similarly to tobacco smoke
Photo: Marc Buxelle 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Public health professionals ask Ann Arbor City Council to pass outdoor smoking ban

Ann Arbor, Michigan is not letting 
smokers off the hook these days... 
Mlive article by Ryan Stanton
This article is comprehensive and 
addresses the formation and expansion
of the smoke free policy that many 
municipalities are implementing 
these days. My alma mater. Go Blue!
Mlive.com: Ann Arbor pushes outdoor public transit smoking ban