Sunday, April 26, 2015

MSN Health: 10 things never to say to someone with cancer....

It's always so hard to know 
what to say to a loved one 
when they discover that they 
have cancer. We often think
we know how to sympathize 
and empathize with what 
someone is going through; 
yet everyone's experience in 
battling cancer is different.
Conversation can be awkward.
This guide by MSN Health
helps rethink what is most 
appropriate to say under 
the various circumstances 
and suggests ways to approach
your loved one/dear friend to
best support them during these
difficult times.
MSN Health: 10 things to never say to someone with cancer
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Mad Men: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Season One, first episode...)

As the celebrated series Mad Men 
winds up its seven year run on 
AMC as one of television's most 
popular and award winning shows, 
RTS shares the first episode of this 
epic program, that, not surprisingly, 
was about the firm's efforts to win 
the advertising account of a major
brand of cigarettes at a time when
smoking was first recognized as a 
serious health issue by the medical 
profession. This show presented the
cavalier nature of the habit like 
none other on tv.
Mad Men: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Season 1; First episode)

Smokeless tobacco now banned at ATT Park, San Francisco

ATT Park just got a little 
cleaner thanks to the new 
smokeless tobacco ban...
it's up to Mayor Ed Lee
to sign it into law to be the 
first ballpark in the country 
to ban all forms of tobacco...
Article by Diane Depra...
Tech Times: Chewing tobacco now banned in San Francisco Giants baseball stadium

Friday, April 24, 2015