Monday, July 21, 2014

LAist: Manhattan Beach Bans Smoking and Vaping in Most Public Places

In California, Carman Tse 
reports on Manhattan Beach's 
smoke free progress, complete 
with the smoke free banner 
floating over the main drag...
MB has one of the strictest laws
about smoking in the state...

LAist: Smoking and Vaping Banned in Manhattan Beach

The Virginia Ironside- My daughter betrayed me over her smoking habit...

The Independent's Virginia 
Ironside blogs that it's no 
easier to get a smoker to quit 
than it is to get a heroin addict 
to stop shooting up... but we 
all knew that, didn't we...?
Her latest answer to a reader's 
The My daughter betrayed me over her smoking habit....

The Guardian: Test your knowledge of "Smoking in Literature"...

Test your knowledge of 
Smoking in Literature...
This is a hard test; and 
you're not allowed to 
light up while you take it...

The Guardian: Take the "Smoking in Literature" Quiz

Saturday, July 19, 2014

NY Times: Jury Awards a Staggering $23 Billion in Florida Smoking

This article by Francis Robles 
shows that the tide is turning 
on Big Tobacco these days... 
smoking isn't  KOOL anymore.
RJ Reynolds may have to 
rethink that merger they 
announced earlier this week...
NY Times: Jury Awards $23 Billion in Florida Smoking Case

Friday, July 18, 2014

Forbes: Adult e-cigarette smokers trying to quit tobacco prefer juvenile flavors

In this article for Forbes 
by Jacob Sullum, a survey 
taken by the E-Cigarette 
Forum show that adults
do, in fact, lean towards 
flavors thought to be of 
interest only to youthful 
smokers. Fruit and Bakery/
Dessert make up almost 
50% of the flavors used 
by smokers aged 18-65.
Below is a sampling of 
flavors offered by one of 
the leading manufacturers. 

Forbes: Survey shows that adults who smoke e-cigarettes supposedly prefer juvenile flavors

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My buddy CB is ten days smoke free....

My buddy CB is 
ten days smoke free. 
He says I was an 
influence. I say it's 
the best thing he 
could do for himself.

This is my 600th post for Romancing The Smoke...Op Ed

Op Ed:
Since I published Romancing 
The Smoke: Reflections of a 
Nicotine Addict two years ago, 
I've written the RTS Nicotine 
News, sharing stories, photos 
and history of the world that 
Tobacco has built. This is my 
600th post. I try to keep up 
and even stay ahead of the 
news & changes so I can bring 
them to my readers, sometimes 
before major media outlets can 
disseminate the information.
While I crack jokes about it, 
(my black lung humor)
I take it as seriously anyone 
following the story. 

Any international panel that
addresses the travails of tobacco 
and nicotine addiction will find 
my point of view and inclusion 
no detriment to the dialog or the
smoke-free cause.

I witnessed and buried seven 
family members from smoking 
related issues. I do not require a 
PhD nor a stoma to be included in 
this conversation. It's time that the 
Medical profession, Big Tobacco, 
and Smoke Free Advocacy took 
time to hear to what I have to say.

I survived my battle with nicotine.
I've lived to tell the tale. That's as 
good a reason as any to listen...