Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

This week marks 5 YEARS since I smoked...

I woke up August 25, 2010 
and couldn't breathe. I had
been smoking a pack and a 
half on and off for 40 years.
Almost 250,000 cigarettes.
My lungs had had it. 

I promised myself that if I 
could just regain my ability 
to breathe, I'd never smoke 
again. I threw tantrums, cried,
screamed, pounded on walls, 
bargained with the Smoke 
Demons...and began my final
smokefree journey that saved
my life. I have NOT smoked
55,000 cigarettes.

I have not had so much as 
a puff since that day; and 
am far healthier today than 
was twenty years ago...

I wrote Romancing The Smoke 
to commiserate with others
going through the battle with

To all my friends whom I have 
not yet met who are waging 
this battle to quit smoking, 
I say YOU can do this!
This means YOU, Facebook 
Quit Smoking Community!

There's NOTHING romantic 
about smoking; RTS will do 
what it can to cheer you on.

Begone Smoke Demons-Forever!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Daily Telegraph: Australian Outdoor Smoking Ban to Begin...

The outdoor smoking ban in 
Australia is slated to go into 
effect July 6 and one of the 
world's toughest countries 
on smoking isn't fooling 
around. As of Monday, 
smoking in the outdoor 
areas of restaurants will no 
longer be allowed; and serious
fines are forthcoming for those 
who willfully ignore the ban.
Dailytelegraph.com: New law banning outdoor smoking takes effect in Australia tomorrow

A comment on Freedom on the 4th of July...

About five years ago, 
I made a life saving 
decision. Since then, 
have NOT smoked 
43,000 cigarettes.
Freedom from Smoking. 
Freedom from Nicotine.
Best decision EVER.

Friday, June 19, 2015

HealthGrades.com: What happens to your body when you quit smoking...

Vanessa Caceres reports on the 
changes that happen to your 
body when you quit smoking...
Check out this link RTS found 
on CNN. My book discussed a 
number of aspects of this, though
not as succinctly. 
Totally worth the read... 
Thank you also to CVS for their