Sunday, August 31, 2014

Give yourself a break on Labor Day...

Take a break on Labor 
Day. If you can't get 
away to find a place to
enjoy, then it must be 
time to go smokefree...

may the only thing you 
smoke this weekend be ribs...

Google: WSJ: Big Tobacco's e cigarette push gets a reality check...

Mike Esterl writes for the 
Wall Street Journal that
Big Tobacco is pushing
e cigarettes at a time when 
sales are leveling off- it's 
becoming a battle between 
e cigarettes and vaping 
equipment and custom flavors...
great article...will vape shops 
start getting shakedowns by 
cigar smoking guys in suits...?

Unfortunately, the WSJournal 
will only let you study this 
article if you subscribe...
but you should be able to 
view it ONCE through 
Google by typing in:
WSJ: Big Tobacco's e cigarette 
push is getting a reality check...
Note the above is not a link.
She's a walking CumuloNimbus machine...

Friday, August 29, 2014 Australia shows that plain packaging significantly cuts smoking...

Charlie Cooper reports 
for the Independent that 
the Tobacco Industry's 
claims that plain packaging
would lead to black market
sales of illicit smokes and 
hurt small retailers has not 
shown to be the case. 
Removing brand recognition
seems to be a factor in reducing
the number of smokers and 
the amount they smoke... Australia shows that plain packaging significantly cuts smoking...

Illustrations by the Author: Romancing The Smoke

As a picture is worth 
thousand words, here's 
few thousand more words 
that can be found in 
Romancing The Smoke... 
© John Aaron, Artist
The Tap Room, Penn Albert Hotel, where I learned about cigarettes, age 4

Me as Smoked Turkey

Nicotine Canyon

Plymouth Herald: Plymouth's anti-smoking group won't back WHO ban on e-cigarettes indoors

Patrick Daly reports for 
the Plymouth Herald that
the local anti-smoking group,
Livewell Stop Smoking Service,
has stopped short of endorsing 
a ban on the use of e cigarettes 
indoors. This article discusses 
pros and cons of e cigarettes....
Plymouth Herald: Plymouth Anti-Smoking Group Won't Back WHO's E Cigarette Indoor Ban

Thursday, August 28, 2014

LA Times: WHO says e cigs should be restricted and regulated...

Don't take my word for it...
(some folks didn't like 
yesterday's post...)

Maybe this is exactly how
things should be. After all, 
we listened to them tell us 
how safe cigarettes were 
for decades...and look 
where that led us... 
article by Lauren Raab
LA Times: WHO says e cigarettes should be regulated and sales restricted

Bette, you were such a crusty broad...

Little know fact: 
Bette Davis Picnic area
across the LA River from 
Griffith Park, is part of 
three municipalities: L.A.,
Glendale and Burbank...
locals nicknamed it 
Bette Davis Smoker's 
Dog Park...