Tuesday, December 1, 2015

For those who want to Kindle the spark to quit...!

As a gift to the world for 
the Holidays, the Kindle 
version of Romancing The 
Smoke: Reflections of a 
Nicotine Addict, the memoir
about quitting after decades
of addiction, is available to 
all for the astonishingly low 
price of $2.99 for the month 
of December! Make it a gift 
for a loved one you want to 
see become smokefree! 
It's time to reKindle efforts
to quit. Reading Romancing 
The Smoke just might help...
Romancing The Smoke- Get your Kindle copy for $2.99!

Yahoo: Newport Beach man injured when e-cigarette explodes...

Yahoo and ABC News report on
a major scare for e-cigarette user 
Reed Morrison in Newport Beach, 
CA; and the growing concern as to 
the safety of e-cigarette devices.
Yahoo: Newport Beach Man suffers burns when e-cigarette explodes

Thursday, November 19, 2015

If you're feeling like you need help to quit.....

Romancing The Smoke: 
Reflections of a Nicotine 
Addict is the book for you!
An anti-smoking memoir 
that tells it like it was & is.
Quitting cold turkey after 
almost 40 years as a smoker,
it chronicles the absurdity 
and the process of the habit, 
and the events that led me 
back to a smokefree life.
Full color, 25 illustrations; 
in paperback or Kindle. 
Smoke Demons Begone!
Click the link. Just do it...
Romancing The Smoke: on Amazon

QUIT. Just. Do. It.

Today's the day to go 
smokefree. Never a 
better day than today 
to quit...make that last 
one YOUR last one...