Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It was then I realized she was checking out and she was 
gonna leave. A curious darkness floated past my shoulder 
pushing forward for a better look. I felt what I couldn’t see.

“She’s not ready to go!” I growled, and whatever it was 
receded into the corner by the window. As I prepared to 
head back to the East Bay that night, something held me 
there. Kathe Kollwitz’s image of Death Seizing a Woman 
burned in my brain. He was waiting to envelop her; and, 
like an erased drawing, they would both disappear. Maybe 
if I stayed, if I never left her side, perhaps I had some power 
to alter Destiny. All I had to do was stay awake forever.

I kissed her goodbye. “See you tomorrow. I’m taking requests.”

As I left, the hospital corridor grew longer as I walked. I had 
never felt so mortal. "Sis, I'll be at the Plaza if you need me!"

I wasn’t ready to leave Sonoma. Not yet. I stopped into the 
hotel bar near where she used to live. I sat in the corner and 
played her favorite music again. A young girl walked in and 
laid a garland of flowers around my glass, smiled into my eyes, 
and left. 

Angels everywhere. 

from Chapter 11, Romancing The Smoke

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