Wednesday, March 20, 2013

America decides to keep cigarette packs good looking....

Placing graphic antismoking imagery on cigarette 
packs, while legal in other countries, has been struck 
down in a court of law. The FDA is not appealing 
the decision to the Supreme Court. The government
is now considering a different approach to grotesque
graphics on cigarette packs in the U.S.

After companies like R.J. Reynolds  and Lorillard 
Tobacco successfully argued their First Amendment 
rights by breaking out a carton of lawyers (and with 
the assistance of their advertisers), they were able to 
slither out of having to use warning labels by decision
in the lower courts. They stopped the government 
from labeling each pack with the truth. Big Tobacco 
is being allowed to keep its imagery in place. 
That's power.

Adweek says the FDA is planning some other approach. 
Are they open to ideas? Anti-smoking needs greater 
visual power that does not challenge First Amendment 
Rights. We need some badass editorial mockery. 
Forget the tasteless crap. Pulitzer Prize stuff.
We've got to outsmart them.

In the visual battle that they're currently waging, 
clever anti-smoking graphics are required in this 
unholy anti-smoking war. People need to be creeped 
out the right way. Clearly this is very hard to do.

Artists, take up the call...

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