Tuesday, April 23, 2013

He opened Woodstock and brought the fire to a generation...

Richie Havens left us on Earth Day 2013. In 1969,
he opened Woodstock, stretching a 45 minute set 
into three hours when the other musicians got stuck 
in traffic. The song he invented that day, Freedom
is part of the Django soundtrack. I think his two 
best albums were Mixed Bag and Stonehenge
George Harrison supposedly told Richie that he did 
a better job of Here Comes The Sun than the songwriter 
himself had done when the Beatles recorded it.
Richie was one of the greatest folksingers and 
emcompassed the spirit of the 60's as well as anyone. 
Richie, thank you firing us up and touching our hearts!
I will never forget shaking your hand, because it was 
the biggest hand I ever shook! Peace, brotherman...

Richie Havens and Peter Yarrow perform "The Great Mandala"

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