Monday, May 5, 2014

The ways to curtail smoking have come in the forms of...

...taxation and restriction as the two 
fundamental ways that government 
and antismoking coalitions are 
winning the Tobacco War. This 
is not just national; smoking bans 
in places like Russia and Africa 
and tobacco taxes going through 
the roof in places like Australia 
and Great Britain are, in fact, slowly
turning the mighty, once thought 
unstoppable Smoking ship around.

These methods appear to not only 
be the best ways to stem the tide 
of nicotine addiction; but hitting 
the smoking population in the 
pocketbook and restricting public
access to places to smoke appear 
to be having a favorable impact in 
steering the world towards a more
smoke free destination.

This one-two punch combination 
looks like it's working....

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