Saturday, September 13, 2014 Hookah Smoking a Hot Trend, but...

Lizzie Johnson reports on 
an "alternative" to cigarette 
smoking, the Hookah. My 
generation used it for an 
entirely different reason.
From the POV of RTS, this 
is ALL about cool, the 
hipster thing- it isn't 
particularly healthy to 
smoke, as a single drag 
from a hookah doses the 
user with an unfiltered blast 
of smoke, tar and nicotine, 
albeit cooled down, that is 
many times the strength 
and volume of that of a 
puff from a cigarette...

I'm aware that young adults 
probably don't want to listen 
to what RTS has to say... 
but nightly hookah indulgence
is similar to smoking packs 
of unfiltered cigarettes...
or don't believe it... it's 
probably the worst way to 
take in tobacco, from the 
standpoint of your lungs... the "ex-smoker" in 
the article who said "this is 
kind of cheating"- news for
you- if you're smoking a hookah- 
you are NOT an ex-smoker.
Tell us all about the safety 
of Shisha...

Good luck on this habit....

...of course, if you're the 
Caterpillar, none of this matters... Hookah smoking is a hot trend for young adults, but...

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