Friday, March 25, 2016

A new memoir out this month by writer Sean Daly...

Those of you who follow 
Romancing The Smoke 
and our escapades might 
be figuring I...
a) went back to smoking 
so I went into hiding; 
b) keeled over from the damage 
it had done; 
c) lost interest in encouraging 
folks to quit; 
d) started another book...
...actually two books. The first-
I did the illustrations for 
The Things We Talk About 
When We Talk About Cancer 
by Sean Daly. Sean never smoked.
His compelling memoir about 
his ongoing battle with Stage Four 
cancer has sixteen illustrations, 
and is going to print in April. It 
is an honor to be the graphic part 
of this effort. Looking forward 
to sharing his story with everyone.
Below is one of the illustrations 
from the book. As soon as this 
book is available, you'll know 
where to find it.

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