Sunday, February 10, 2013

Be Part of the Sequel to Romancing The Smoke...

The sequel to Romancing The Smoke is in full swing 
with additional tales from Nicotine Canyon. We're 
asking you to share your stories about tobacco with us, 
as we would like to include them in the new book.
Everyone's story about their experience with nicotine
is unique; yet it is also familiar to all of us. 

Our goal is to receive from you 99 "Nicotine Tales."
You will be given credit, or can remain anonymous, 
depending upon your preference. Stories may be edited 
for reasons of space. The aim of this is to illustrate how 
tobacco invaded so many lives; and how articulate 
people get when they are asking to relate their experience.
We invite you to post your story HERE... in Comments...

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