Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CHALK4PEACE Indiegogo film Campaign...a project founded by the creator of Romancing The Smoke

For those who follow this blog 
and are used to the pithy, 
relevant sarcastic commentary 
in the anti-smoking vein, and 
are wondering why RTS has 
grown quiet as of late, there's 
a good reason... I'm working
on another cause at the moment.
It's an Indiegogo Crowdfunding
Campaign for my other project 
CHALK4PEACE, the global 
chalk art project.

CHALK4PEACE is headed to 
Ferguson, Missouri this fall to
participate in a major peace event.
We're making a documentary 
film called "CHALK4PEACE:
Drawing FergUSon Together"
Please take a moment to see
what we're up to.
Drawing FergUSon Together-an Indiegogo film

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