Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reaching a Milestone...Breathing it all in....

It's been said that sixty is the new forty...

and whoever started that rumor is,
obviously nowhere near sixty...

It's somehow surprising that I got here 
with all the smoking I did from the age 
of ten till I quit for good a few years ago.  
Had I continued,  the book never would 
have gotten written. I would have lost the 
capacity to breathe without serious medical 
assistance. I would have been too busy 
coughing to do anything.

I'm saving more than $5,000 in upcoming health 
provider program costs for being a non smoker.
So will you at this age if you don't smoke. 
It's worth it.
It's truly what they call a new lease on life...
I don't get winded, I feel great; I can smell and taste 
and I no longer smell like a slow moving forest fire. 

I am smoke free...and am living to tell about it... 

Mozart, Baryshnikov, Lewis Carroll, Johnny Melville, Billy Scudder and 
Keith Olbermann....what company I've been keeping through the years...

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