Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hava Menthole: How they smoke in my country...

I am visiting journalist for this blog.
RTS ask me to write about smoking
in my country today. Am in America 
right now so I do not know what is 
going on this very minute in my home 
country of Nicotinia. Smoking is big 
where I come from. Sign of inwincibility.
Here is photograph of best friend Buttski 
Filtrini last time I see him. He smoke 
only twice a day. For health reasons.


Below is picture of my girlfriend Salacia 
while on phone to me. She want to leave 
Nicotinia and come to America where 
she hear living is sleazy, fish high jump 
and everyone rich and good looking.
Even Mama and Papa. She very elegant.  
Look how she hold her cigarettes. 
People in my country like breathing
smoke. It's better than the air there. 
Our smokestacks have filters painted
on them. Some buildings have tin foil 
for rooftop. Nicotinia have good sense 
of humor for depressing country...
It why everyone have pack a day habit.
It also why air so bad...sometimes I 
miss my homeland- get all choked up... 

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