Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is my 600th post for Romancing The Smoke...Op Ed

Op Ed:
Since I published Romancing 
The Smoke: Reflections of a 
Nicotine Addict two years ago, 
I've written the RTS Nicotine 
News, sharing stories, photos 
and history of the world that 
Tobacco has built. This is my 
600th post. I try to keep up 
and even stay ahead of the 
news & changes so I can bring 
them to my readers, sometimes 
before major media outlets can 
disseminate the information.
While I crack jokes about it, 
(my black lung humor)
I take it as seriously anyone 
following the story. 

Any international panel that
addresses the travails of tobacco 
and nicotine addiction will find 
my point of view and inclusion 
no detriment to the dialog or the
smoke-free cause.

I witnessed and buried seven 
family members from smoking 
related issues. I do not require a 
PhD nor a stoma to be included in 
this conversation. It's time that the 
Medical profession, Big Tobacco, 
and Smoke Free Advocacy took 
time to hear to what I have to say.

I survived my battle with nicotine.
I've lived to tell the tale. That's as 
good a reason as any to listen...

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