Monday, January 12, 2015

Romancing The Smoke does not endorse electronic cigarettes or vaping.

Romancing The Smoke's 
position about e cigarettes 
and the vaping phenomenon
is the following:

RTS does NOT endorse 
e-cig usage or vaping.

Anyone who infers that 
we support these products
is misleading the public as 
we are committed to smoke-
free and non-nicotine lifestyles.
These products are just other
ways to keep people hooked
on nicotine so that the habit 
stays firmly firmly in place. 
There is no existing evidence
that vaping or e-cigs help
smokers quit smoking.

Serious health issues,

stemming from the use
of these products, mostly
respiratory in nature, will
become apparent by 2020.

...just clearing the air...

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