Monday, January 12, 2015

RTS: Our conclusions come from doing the Research....

Quantifying the amount 
of research one does to 
bring information to the 
public about the rising 
phenomenon of electronic
cigarettes and vaping 
requires constant global 
reconnaissance to find 
pertinent articles, pro or 
con, to keep the blog up 
to date. These articles
can be found in our blog
post history.

Since May, 2014, when 
the topic started heating 
up newswise, RTS has 
posted links to 25 articles 
about e cigarettes and vaping.
These are easily accessible.
We post only 15-20% of 
what we find, so conclusions 
RTS has reached are based on
sources as varied as the WSJ
and the Guardian; Doctoral 
abstracts, the Huffington
Post, and findings from top 
medical universities. It has 
included visits to vape shops 
and listening to compelling 
pro-vape sales pitches. 

Today's earlier post's 
conclusions stem from 
reviewing hundreds of 
articles on the subject.

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