Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daily Mail UK: Hookah fumes contain killer chemical benzene...

Researchers have found 
that hookah smokers are 
also breathing in a nasty 
collection of toxic 
chemicals, not the least 
of which is benzene. Due
to its high octane number, 
benzene is percentage 
component of gasoline. 
(During my high school 
summers, I worked in a 
plastics factory and 
transferred benzene-
based liquids into 
smaller containers. 
Twice during this task, 
I collapsed, dizzy as could 
be from the chemicals. 
Even when I smoked, 
didn't trust hookahs- 
something about the 
overwhelming nature 
of the fumes.) Dangerous 
stuff to breathe...
Mark Prigg reports.

Daily Mail UK: Researchers find toxic Benzene in Hookahs...

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