Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Rollers of the Nicotine Age: Millennials and Smoking

I recently conducted 
a survey of Millennial
smokers to discuss 
their theories of tobacco 
and how and why they 
use it. Their fierce 
enthusiasm is truly
Big Tobacco's long 
awaited wet dream.

While an increasing

number of Millennials
are choosing to go smoke 
free; this post applauds 
those who have turned 
away from nicotine, or 
just plain turned it down.

Yet I couldn't help 
but notice that 
amongst those who
are smokers...

-Not once did they use 
the terms "cigarette", 
"smoke", "smoking",
or "nicotine" or say 
"I should quit."

-None of them admitted 
to being addicted. Tobacco 
was mentioned in reference 
to it being medicine.

-They invoked the neo-
Native American relation-
ship to tobacco, insisting 
that their usage was ritual-
based, honorable and 

-"Do you want to share 
some tobacco?" has 
replaced the phrase,
"Let's go have a cigarette..."

-Most weren't aware of 
the effect of their 2nd Hand 
Smoke on non smokers...
This group of smokers had 
disconnected themselves 
from the truth about 
nicotine addiction. It was 
here I first heard the phrase, 
"American Spirits advocate
the healthy use of tobacco"
as part of the alternative 
lifestyle of the Enlightened...

Witnessing smokers claim
to being highly evolved
humans aware of other
meditative practices and 
skill sets making them 
shamans amongst their 
"tribe"...made no sense...
Because they continued 
to smoke...

When someone smokes,
they automatically fall off 
the enlightened list. Period. 
There are no "mulligans" 
with nicotine addiction.
There is nothing enlight-
ening about smoking 
except for the realization 
that it will kill you. Tobacco
is an anti-enlightenment drug. 
Smoking is, was, and will 
always be lame. Once one 
allows themselves that 
revelation and that smoke 
free is the way, then by
quitting, one can once 
again embark on the Path 
to Enlightenment...
...after all, Buddha never smoked...
Buddha and the Visitor, detail; Painting by John Aaron

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