Thursday, November 27, 2014

MSN: Japanese researchers find e cigarettes contain up to ten times the amount of carcinogens as regular cigarettes...

An MSN article reports
that Agence France-
Presse published that 
Japanese research found 
some e cigarettes have 
10 times the carcinogens 
found in tobacco 
cigarettes. The research, 
commissioned by Japan's 
Health Ministry, found 
high levels of 
also known as embalming 
fluid and a plethora of
ingredients known to 
cause cancer.

RTS has long expressed 
concern about the make up 
of e cigs and the long term 
effects of e cig usage. The 
excessive amount of vapor 
that comes out of a person's 
face during a single
exhalation should have 
a sign and been cause for 
alarm from the get go.

MSN: Japanese research finds that e cigarettes contain ten times the carcinogens of regular cigarettes

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