Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Romancing The Smoke: Those were some epic times, weren't they...?

After almost 800 
posts to this blog 
covering the world's
stories, regulations, 
health news, break-
throughs & setbacks 
of all things tobacco, 
we will be reposting 
epic posts from 
Romancing The Smoke
on what we now call
Stop On A Dime Sunday.

Every other Sunday, we 
will share stories you might 
have missed that will stun 
& amuse you & maybe 
even kick your butt...
or get you to kick butts...
because encouraging you 
& others to quit smoking 
is ultimately the job of 
this blog...& SMOKEFREE 
is the way to be... Stay 
tuned this Sunday for 
"Those were 
epic times..."

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