Monday, December 29, 2014

The Guardian: Anti-smoking Campaign Targets Roll-up cigarettes

Graphic Attack! 
Public Health 
England launches a
graphic anti-smoking 
campaign with TV 
and billboard ads, 
saying that rolling 
one's own can be 
worse than manu-
factured cigarettes. 
Rot and gore are 
prominently featured.

Without a filter, a 
cigarette is a much 
stronger experience... 
this current "roll your 
own" comes from a 
combination of two 
traditions- the pouch 
tobacco, one at a time 
practice of the 19th
century before the days
of the Bonsack rolling 
machine; and the more
recent ritual of cleaning
and prepping marijuana 
for consumption.
Bonsack Rolling Machine courtesy

New Age attitude towards
the smoking of "healthy
and natural cigarettes" 
has also contributed to 
the practice, with young 
smokers imagining 
themselves as tribal 
shamans preparing the 
"medicine"- a delusional 
understanding of tobacco, 
at best...

The Guardian: UK Quit Smoking Campaign Targets Roll Up Cigarettes

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