Monday, March 23, 2015

CNN: Are e-cigs fueling a new addiction?

Once again a major news 
source weighs in on e-cigs
and says the same thing
dozens of articles have
said before it- 
are e-cigs fueling a new 
addiction? RTS asks the 
question- When did 
nicotine become a
"new addiction?" It's the
same poison in a different
dispenser-let's call it what 
it is. The fact that there's
still any question of it 
"fueling an addiction" 
sounds chillingly similar
to the decades of denial
by Big Tobacco.

RTS does not believe that
ENDS -Electronic Nicotine 
Delivery Systems are doing 
that much other than keeping 
the gesture of the habit in place. 
We draw this conclusion from
the review of more than 400 
articles and papers that have
been written since 2011 that 
address the e-cigarette 
phenomenon. RTS
believes that the products 
do not aid quitting in the long 
run; nor will the dangers be fully 
revealed for decades. The 
product is geared towards
youth tech culture and its function 
is to ultimately assist the tobacco 
companies in keeping nicotine
firmly entrenched as on of the 
most serious addictions in the world.
Article by Meera Senthilingam. CNN: Are e-cigarettes fueling a new addiction?


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