Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Collective Evolution: Pharmacist's POV on e-cigs- You're bullshitting yourself...

Any uber-proponent of 
electronic cigarettes 
who rails against vape
regulation is in it for the
money with a direct
financial interest in the 
industry's success. Only 
people who stand to gain 
financially by backing a
product attack when the
opposition is insisting
upon factual scientific
information to back up
safety and health factors.
Pro-ENDSers are sounding
too much like Big Tobacco.
Smoke and mirrors has 
changed to vape & mirrors...
Truthful article by Marc
Angelo Coppola for
Collective Evolution.
P.S. Great new ads on tv
called "WAKE UP..."
Collective Evolution: Pharmacist's POV on e-cigs: You're bullshitting yourself...

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