Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Courier Journal: Kentucky Smoking Ban Dead For This Year...

The statewide ban for 
smoking in workplaces 
indoor venues will not
pass the Kentucky 
General Assembly this year.
Seems like Kentucky has 
some sort of stake in 
keeping that Smoking Ban 
bill from passing. This 
couldn't have anything to 
do with Kentucky and 
North Carolina accounting 
for 71% of the total Tobacco
growing business in the US, 
could it?
Tom Loftus reports that the
Kentucky legislature is not
going to allow the bill to be 
brought up for a vote during 
this session. Kentucky can 
thank Sen. Albert Robinson 
(R), London, for this decision.
It's rumored that it will have 
enough votes to pass... ironic
that there is a statewide ban 
on tobacco products in all 
KY government facilities that 
passed in 2014.
RTS is going follow this...
Courier-Journal: KY Smoking Ban Legislation Dead This Year...

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