Thursday, March 12, 2015

Washington Post: DC Neighbors Land in Court over Secondhand Smoke

Edwin Gray has lived in
the same house for 50 years. 
His new neighbors, Brendan
and Nessa Coppinger, both
lawyers, are suing him for
a half million dollars...
over the fact they say he
annoys them with his second
hand smoke. As much as RTS
is a staunch anti-smoking
advocacy that stands up for
non-smokers' rights, forcing
and threatening someone
with a lawsuit to quit a habit 
that is actually still legal in 
this country in one's own
house seems to be the gesture
of a couple of self-important
attorneys who are going to 
show people that when they
demand, one must bow down
and listen. RTS hopes the attys 
get what they deserve; and that 
Mr. Gray can find some place 
to smoke without his idiotic
neighbors dragging him into 
court over a right that was in 
place long before either of 
them were born...
Article by Keith L. Alexander.
Wash Post: DC Neighbors Land in Court Over Secondhand Smoke Issue

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