Friday, March 13, 2015

Post # 900: Romancing The Smoke brings you the Nicotine News...

Since May 21, 2011,
Romancing The Smoke
has provided links to
important global news 
stories about tobacco.
Following anti-smoking
trends, the e-cigarette 
phenomenon and the
absurdist advertising
history of Big Tobacco,
RTS has brought the
Nicotine News to the 
world with the help of 
countless reporters 
uncovering  the truth
about nicotine addiction.
We have done our best 
to acknowledge everyone's
contributions to this blog, 
which has helped us to
create one of the most
comprehensive online 
locations for Nic News. 
Thank you for reading 
our blog. We hope you'll
share it with others.
We're not even going to 
use this post to shamelessly 
hype the book...;-)

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