Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Huffington Post: Time to make the distinction between smoking and nicotine addiction...

Kate Kelland reports on this 
stunning take on differentiating 
between smoking and nicotine 
addiction perpetuated by 
nicotine replacement therapy.
Once smoking is removed from 
the equation, does nicotine have
a beneficial medicinal use in issues 
of Alzheimer's or dementia? 
This is the new topic for serious 
thought. It is some of what e-cigs 
claim makes them beneficial; and
that nicotine also works as a natural 
pesticide that's less dangerous that
the chemically formulated ones
requires a closer review as to the 
value of the substance. As the old 
saying goes, "The nicotine addicts 
you; but what kills you is the tar..." 
If not smoked, is nicotine so bad?
This article is a lot of food for thought...

Huffington Post: Smoking vs Nicotine Addiction- Time to make the distinction...
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