Thursday, May 7, 2015

Medical Daily: Jeff the Diseased Lung Leads Tobacco Free Kids & ASH anti-Marlboro Protest in Times Square

Campaign for Tobacco Free 
Kids and Action on Smoking 
and Health, also known as, joined up with John 
Oliver's Jeff the Diseased 
Lung to mock Philip Morris 
International during their 
annual shareholders meeting 
where they also discuss how 
to replace their customer base 
that's either died or quit. PMI's
controversial "Be Marlboro" 
European campaign blatantly
flaunts danger, rebellion and 
sex as reasons for youth to 
smoke their brand. ASH 
Campaign Coodinator Shana 
Narula mobilized the first anti-
Tobacco Flash mob in front 
of the Hyatt Hotel, where the 
PMI shareholders meeting was 
taking place. Black lung humor 
at its finest...Keep up the great 
work; where do I get one of 
those Stop Marlboro t-shirts? 
Samantha Olson reports.
Medical Daily: John Oliver's Jeff the Diseased Lung hits Times Square in Tobacco Free Kids & ASH anti-Marlboro flash mob protest
Photo courtesy Medical Daily

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