Friday, May 1, 2015

The Pros and Cons of looking at both sides...

While Romancing The Smoke 
is clearly an anti-smoking blog,
we occasionally publish pieces 
from around the world that are 
provocative pieces of news or 
well crafted literature that 
questions the validity of 
fanaticism of any kind, 
specifically in the realm of 
smoking. Both viewpoints 
tend to maintain that aura 
of extremism.

I know that before I quit,
I was pro-tobacco; I was
addicted; & no one was going 
to stop me. Five years later, I am 
totally against it. This blog gets 
hate mail for its anti-tobacco & 
e-cig stances; and is challenged 
when it posts others' eloquent 
viewpoints to the contrary. 
Publishing both sides of the view 
is important, even if it's on the 
other side of the argument. RTS 
gains & loses followers like the 
tides. What we are addicted to 
is finding the Nicotine news & 
stories that aren't necessarily 
headlines in everyone's media
neighborhood & bringing it to 
our readers' attention. RTS will 
continue to see through the 
smoke & mirrors to tell the 
truth, no matter the controversy
If you want fair and balanced 
reporting, turn on Fox News....

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