Monday, May 11, 2015

Mad Men: All that smoking is doing Betty in...

Spoiler Alert: For all of us 
Mad Men fans who have been 
holding our breaths these past 
weeks leading up to the finale, 
the first character bombshell 
was dropped last night when
Betty, Don's ex-wife, played 
by January Jones, found out
that even though she's barely 
forty, she has Stage 4 lung 
cancer brought on by smoking 
two packs of Salems a day. My 
dad died the same year this is 
set from lung cancer after 
smoking two packs a day. 
I can relate.

Take a's Springtime!
This is quite the parable for a 
show that began with her 
account executive husband Don 
securing the Lucky Strike 
advertising account for their up 
and coming ad firm. Here are a 
few of the ads that no doubt got 
Betty hooked on the up and 
coming menthol brand...
and one of Betty in action...

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