Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Consumerist: Philip Morris Intl. using copyright infringement to halt critics of Marlboro's dreadful European ads

Consumerist's Chris Morran 
brings us the ongoing saga of 
the battle between Philip Morris 
International and the Campaign 
for Tobaccofree Kids over the 
giant's "Don't Be A Maybe" 
European marketing ploy that 
HBO's John Oliver skewered 
last month with Jeff the Diseased 
Lung (#jeffwecan) and that 
TobaccoFreeKids had challenged 
and PMI had struck down with 
copyright infringement as its 
argument. The overt sliminess of 
the tobacco giant's campaign 
rubs in how hip the blatant lack
lack of morals and brains is...
MAYBE presses youth to smoke 
their brand if "you're cool"... 
here are a couple of those 
billboards... their stuff is worse 
in poorer Eastern bloc countries; 
and we've added a couple of 
appropriate images to mock 
their campaign.  Big Tobacco is 
using copyright infringement as 
their argument on all challenges 
against them, such as plain 
packaging and youth target 
marketing. Very important read.
This is big news...they'll use this 
defense again and again....
Consumerist.com: PMI uses copyright infringement argument to silence critics of dreadful European Marlboro ads...

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