Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This is our coast...the infrastructure is washing ashore...

Photo courtesy KEYT News
The Santa Barbara coast is 
experiencing its second major 
oil spill. Think of having a quart 
of 10W-40 poured down your 
back while you surf...according 
to Ed Shultz, this pipeline was 
built in 1951. UPDATE: Just 
read that the pipeline was built 
in 1987. That didn't last long...
This is at Refugio State Beach, near 
Hwy 101. A favorite destination.
Especially for holiday weekends 
like Memorial Day, this weekend.

They say 105,000 gallons of oil 
are spreading down the coast.
Our shores are getting covered 
in tar for probably 50 miles to 
the south and east. The beaches of 
Goleta, Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, 
Montecito, Summerland, 
Carpinteria and maybe Ventura. 
We'll keep our readers posted.
I walk the beach almost every day. 
I saw a whale outside the 
breakwater two days ago. 
What is this going to do to 
them? The pictures coming in look 
worse and worse. Why is okay for 
the petroleum industry to destroy 
our shores and wetlands? This 
makes me ill; and it should you too.
Why did I bring this up in an
anti-smoking blog? Just last post,
we were speaking about TAR....
and now it stretches for ten
miles along our coastline...we
feel real sorry for the creatures
that live near or in the sea...

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