Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bloombergview.com: Why Can't the Pentagon Stop Smoking?

While we thought we'd come 
a long way from WWII when 
GI's were issued packs of 
cigarettes with their gear, the 
Editors at Bloombergview.com
found that some in Congress 
are still fighting for a soldier's 
right to smoke, as well as cheap 
and easy access.  About one in 
four service people smoke, 
about 7% over the national 
average. RTS  understands why 
a soldier would want to smoke; 
but does not encourage the 
habit, regardless of the situation.
There are other ways to chill the 

Thank you to our friends at 
the Campaign for Tobacco 
Free Kids for bringing this 
article to our attention.
Bloombergview.com: Why Can't The Pentagon Stop Smoking?

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