Sunday, August 31, 2014

Google: WSJ: Big Tobacco's e cigarette push gets a reality check...

Mike Esterl writes for the 
Wall Street Journal that
Big Tobacco is pushing
e cigarettes at a time when 
sales are leveling off- it's 
becoming a battle between 
e cigarettes and vaping 
equipment and custom flavors...
great article...will vape shops 
start getting shakedowns by 
cigar smoking guys in suits...?

Unfortunately, the WSJournal 
will only let you study this 
article if you subscribe...
but you should be able to 
view it ONCE through 
Google by typing in:
WSJ: Big Tobacco's e cigarette 
push is getting a reality check...
Note the above is not a link.
She's a walking CumuloNimbus machine...

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