Wednesday, August 27, 2014

E Cigarettes will turn out to be as addictive as thought...

The problems surfacing 
about E cigarettes- luring 
teenagers into a tech-based 
habit are ensuring that
young people who weren't 
going to take up smoking 
have taken up vaping 
(because it's cool).
If ever there was a gateway 
notion for cigarettes, clearly
e cigs are the candy smokes 
that prepped earlier generations 
to get hooked on nicotine.
Teens are openly targeted. 
Ask Big Tobacco why it 
bought up the major e-
manufacturers. Something 
is seriously wrong here. 
I questioned e cigs in the 
book, Romancing The Smoke
with the observation that they 
kept the gestural habit of 
smoking firmly in place.

E cigarettes will be the major 
reason Millennials become 
tobacco users and nicotine 
addicts. This statement has 
nothing to do with prophecy;
Anyone who doesn't have 
smoke (or vapor) in their eyes 
can see this is the inevitable 

Those with financial interests in
e cigs will tell us ANYTHING
to keep this trend skyrocketing 
upward. There is NO TRUTH 
to their advertising...

The only hope to curb this
trend are vigorous regulations, 
restrictions and taxation that 
treat this new nicotine habit 
like all other nicotine habits.

Really...this is okay to sell 
product? Really?

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