Friday, August 15, 2014

MSN: NH declares State of Emergency over "Smacked"

Ted Siefer, Reuters reports 
New Hampshire's growing 
concern over the synthetic 
"pot" like drug, SMACKED. 
Compounding the problem is 
the difficulty authorities are 
having trying to enforce the 
product ban. 

To our Millennial readers- you 
can't be that hard up for a buzz.
Bluntly, real "Maui Wowie" 
cannot be found in a 
convenience store. The junk 
they're selling is something 
you never want to light up 
and smoke. It's not even close 
to weed. It's bad, bad medicine, 
sometimes even deadly.  Do 
yourself and your friends 
favor and steer clear from 
anything claiming to be 
SMACKED or its "friends".
You'll never be sorry. There are 
so many other ways to have fun. 

Photo: Reuters
MSN: New Hampshire declares State of Emergency over synthetic "pot" drug

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