Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On Addiction: Thoughts surrounding a Legend...

This week, RTS focused
on nicotine addiction and 
its effects. Romancing The 
Smoke posted the Four 
Conditions of Nicotine 
Withdrawal (Chapter 7 from 
the book), to open a general
discussion about addiction, 
what it actually feels like, 
the despair it fosters and the 
problems of breaking free.

Our timing could not be 
better (or worse).

Addiction swept away a 
legendary being, when we 
lost one of our most beloved 
artists, Robin Williams. 
His towering talent, as one 
of the world's greatest funny 
men, was still not as powerful 
as the demons that fueled his 
addictions. He did numerous 
stints in rehab, as recently 
as last month. The hilarious
routines he worked up about 
his habits don't seem so 
funny now.

Fighting addiction is a 
matter of life and death. 
Whether it's cigarettes,
alcohol, drugs, speed or 
sugar, it's crucial to keep 
handle on these desires. 
buried six family members 
who who thought they could 
smoke, drink and party forever. 

Romancing The Smoke 
is cautionary tale. It's black 
lung humor. Some parts 
aren't funny at all. Others 
are hysterical for the wrong 
reasons. Anyone who used 
to smoke can relate. It's a 
slow burn, a slow death.
We encourage everyone 
to break this chain.

Today's anti-tobacco youth 
programs have the right idea- 
Modify the behavior of a 
generation. Stop the habit 
before it startsBecome the 
first smoke free generation. 
Keep going.

RTS is cheering you on....
and that's no joke...

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