Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Final Condition of Quitting: Cranial Paralogism (the insidious Shadow Mind)

After I'd battled through 
the first three conditions 
of quitting smoking, I was 
free of cigarettes and was 
sure I'd made it through 
to the other side. I 'd finally 
stopped after 127 tries.
A few months later, one day 
my brain just blurted out,
"You see? You see how 
easy it was to quit? You 
can do it anytime you wish. 
It's not that hard. So now...
you can go back to smoking- 
that habit you love!
Because...you can quit...
Cranial Paralogism Smoke Demon

(Long pause)

That was not my smokefree 
mind; it was my shadow 
mind that had waited for the
right moment of weakness 
to plead its case...it tries to 
reverse decisions the mind 
has made by advocating that
the right idea is now wrong.

I call it Cranial Paralogism; 
and it can be applied to 
all addictions with the 
accompanying rationale 
that relentlessly attempts 
to get a person to return 
to the habit they'd quit. 
It's entirely mental and it 
NEVER goes away. Its 
strength diminishes with 
time, but it will always 
try to change my mind.  
It's a "Just Say NO" thing... 

This is where ten deep breaths
comes in....

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