Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RTS: The Third Condition of Quitting Smoking- Wet Towel Torque

When I quit smoking,
my head began to clear 
(Condition #1) and I 
wasn't so obsessed 
with chomping on 
furniture (Condition #2).
My vascular system 
began to respond to the 
diminishing quantity of 
nicotine by expanding 
and contracting, something 
I could actually feel 
pulsing through my body.
I call this Wet Towel Torque.
Condition #3: Wet Towel Torque

It was like being wrapped 
in a hot wet Turkish towel 
then wrung dry.  Weird 
spasming from deep within. 
Clenched fists and gritting 
teeth. Groaning out loud.
Strangers said they saw 
this happening to me and 
wondered if I needed 
medical attention...this 
part felt like the actual 
withdrawal from Nicotine. 
My body didn't want to run 
out of that shit. W.T.T.
Quite Unpleasant....

You'll find more about 
regaining your smokefree
sanity in Chapter 7 of my book,
Romancing The Smoke...on Amazon

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