Monday, August 11, 2014

RTS: The Second Condition of Quitting: Oral Fixation or Furniture Gnaw

Shortly after I quit, 
began to have an 
unreasonable urge to 
gnaw on drawer handles, 
chairs and door jambs. 
Metal or wood, I didn't 
care. It was as if, by 
quitting, this voracious 
inner appetite for the 
universe had been 
unleashed. I wanted 
to take bites out of 
inanimate things. 
Don't ask me why.
call it
Furniture Gnaw.
Condition #2 Furniture Gnaw
Nothing about quitting 
smoking is reasonable.
Don't fight the absurdity.
Just move forward smoke free.
Read Romancing The Smoke 
while you're at it.

Don't chew on the furniture...

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