Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CNN: The discreet way to get high: The rise of the e-joint...

The newest trend in legal 
marketplaces of marijuana 
is the E-Joint, the offshoot 
of the e-cigarette, and the 
descendant of the portable
cannabis concert carburetor
of the 60's and 70's.. 

It's looking like Millennials
prefer the tech versions of 
both nicotine and THC
consumption through some 
sort of ISmoke device. This 
video by CNN explains the 
new trend in pot smoking.
This video focuses on the 
popular Juju Joints brand
made in Washington state.

This also signals the demise
of the traditional rituals of 
marijuana preparation and 
use, and the new attitude of
all things efficient, discreet
and tech oriented.

Marijuana has always been 
an herb important for its taste, 
feel and smell.  These things
are becoming unimportant 
to today's young hipsters.  

Back in the day, a badge of 
honor was rolling a good joint. 
If someone couldn't role a joint, 
that person was suspected of 
not being cool. 

That will always be true.  
CNN.com: E-cigarettes give rise to the E-Joint; Millennials can't get enough...

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