Friday, April 3, 2015

Yale Daily News: For a Smoking Ban...

Nathan Kohrman, a blogger 
from Yale University, talks 
about the lack of smoking 
bans in Ivy League Schools; 
and how "cool" those students
think smoking still is. His post
this week, For a Smoking Ban
talks about the responsibility 
of Yale in the arena of Public 
Health, and how smoking is
quite prevalent in Ivy League 
schools and it's somewhat 
perplexing that these schools
are not, when it comes to 
university smoking bans, leading
the way. Mr. Kohrman was the 
first to recommend a campus 
wide smoking ban. As my father 
honed his youthful smoking 
skills at Yale, which led to his
early demise, RTS applauds
Nathan for his efforts to move
Yale towards smokefree status.
Yale Daily News: For a Smoking Ban...

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