Monday, April 6, 2015

Wash Post: NIH is spending $5M to discourage hipsters from smoking

Josh Hicks reports for the 
Washington Post that UCSF 
is powering an anti-tobacco 
campaign- Countering Young
Adult Tobacco Marketing in 
Bars to work with social scene
leaders like DJs & bartenders
to discourage tobacco use 
amongst hipsters & encourage 
quit smoking groups amongst
their peers. Smokefree events
through the social brand 
"Commune"  features local 
artists and alt bands are 
working to make being
smokefree hip. This is
a difficult task since young
adults don't want to hear
the "dangerous" part
about smoking; yet are
strongly connected to self-
expression and social justice.
Dr. Pamela Ling of UCSF is 
the Project Leader of this 
campaign that's doing its best 
to stymie Big Tobacco in its 
efforts to hook the hipster.
Washington Post: NIH is spending 5 million to discourage hipsters from smoking

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