Saturday, April 18, 2015

Know the math: Crucial mindset to stay smoke free once one quits...

For years, I would justify 
going back to smoking 
by saying to myself, 
"I'll just have one more..."
then return to the habit
that had wiped out much 
of my family. It was only 
when I admitted that it
wasn't "just one more..."
own the fact that it was 
ten thousand more...and
once I visualized what 
10,000 cigarettes actually  
looked like, I quit for good.

10,000 cigarettes is...
50 cartons, which is about
3,850 cubic inches, which
is more than 2 cubic feet 
of cigarettes. That's a box
more than 12"x 12"x 24".

Smokable tobacco-
assuming 2.0"/cigarette
20,000 inches or 1,667 ft.
Almost a quarter mile
of tobacco. At a pack a 
day, it will take only 16 
months to smoke that 
much. When viewed in 
this manner, that only 
one more cigarette 
looks too vast to 
see beyond. 

Do the math. It will 
make quitting for good 
a lot easier...


  1. I remember standing out behind a restaurant in the rain smoking beside the dumpsters with the bus-boys, while my family and friends sat inside, warm, happy, celebrating my birthday. 27 years! The girls I lost. The money I spent 3-4 packs a day. The kids who followed my example instead of my advice....

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